About the Walkley Foundation for Journalism

The Walkley Foundation is at the very heart of the Australian media.  It has been established to promote excellence in journalism in all its forms including visual arts, literature, film, video, television, photography, documentary and radio.

A champion of innovation and a respected thought leader, the Walkley Foundation generates vital discussion on the future of our rapidly changing industry and encourages journalism that enriches our communities.

The Walkley Foundation celebrates and encourages excellence in Australian journalism, telling the stories of our nation and strengthening our democracy.

The well-known Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, recognise and reward superlative Australian journalism. The awards’ association with the best in corporate Australia goes back to their inception in 1956 by Sir William Gaston Walkley, founder of Ampol Petroleum.

The award-winning stories, photographs and artwork have chronicled Australia’s people and events for nearly 60 years. To continue this crucial work, the Walkley Foundation, a non-profit company, needs the support of those like Bill Walkley who want to be associated with the best.

The Walkley Foundation hosts an exciting, year-round program of industry and public events, innovation showcases, training sessions and awards to promote excellence in journalism. It publishes The Walkley Magazine, Australia’s leading media industry publication and advocates vigorously for press freedom here and around the world.

Structure of The Walkley Foundation

The Walkley Foundation is a company limited by guarantee (ABN  164 809 349).

It works with the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) to build a community of journalists, storytellers, practitioners of narrative non-fiction and other creative industry workers committed to promoting excellence across all platforms and media that is free, ethical and of high quality.

The Walkley Foundation was originally constituted in 2000 under MEAA by-laws as a fully autonomous organisation. Its tasks were to organise the Walkley Awards, advance the interests of professional and ethical journalism, implement education and training programs for journalists and advance the interests of the AJA section of MEAA.

The Walkley Foundation Limited directors are the three nationally elected officials of the media section of MEAA, the federal secretary of MEAA and the Walkley Board chair. Together, they may appoint up to two additional directors.  The directors of the Walkley company are known as the Walkley Foundation Trustees.

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