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The Walkley Foundation has celebrated and supported great Australian journalism since the first Walkley Awards, established by Sir William Gaston Walkley, were handed out in 1956.

In 2018, the Walkley Foundation received another generous bequest from the Walkley family. This time from June Andrews, William Walkley’s sister in law. The bequest continues the legacy of excellence in Australian journalism. 

How you can get involved.

2018 Strategic Direction.

Winners shake hands at the first Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, 1956 

We sustain journalism that enriches our communities by:

  • Managing the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism
  • Promoting the public value of journalism and press freedom
  • Fostering innovation in news gathering and storytelling
  • Working collaboratively with all media
  • Funding and facilitating reporting through mentorships, fellowships, and scholarships
  • Independence and good governance

How we invest in Journalism

It has never been more important to support quality Australian journalism. If you would like to be involved in any of our ongoing programs, contact us at the details below. Read more about The Walkley Public Fund for Journalism and our plans for 2018 here

WalkleyTalks PodcastGrantsThe Walkley MagazineScholarships
The WalkleyTalks podcast hosts Australia’s brightest and most respected journalists in engaging conversations on topics ranging from journalism and politics to sport and culture.This year we will start awarding grants to fund rigorous, in-depth essays on the state of the media in Australia, with the support of the Copyright Agency Limited’s Cultural Fund.The Walkley Magazine is transitioning to digital, but it remains a place where readers can see behind the scenes of some of the country's biggest stories and most interesting new projects. Established with support from senior TV Producer Anita Jacoby to recognise her father's legacy, this paid internship offers applicants the chance to learn from leading journalists and producers.
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