Australian cartoonists recognized at the 2016 Stanley Awards

Artists from around the country gathered over the weekend in Sydney to celebrate the Stanley Awards. Run by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association, the awards recognise the best works in categories like comic strips, single gags, political cartoons and caricatures. Cartoon above is from Glen Le Lievre’s finalist entry for the 2016 Walkley Awards. Walkley Award winners will be announced Dec. 2.

The ACA is the world’s oldest cartooning organisation, and the Stanleys celebrate the craft’s rich history as well as its talented present. For what can be a solitary profession, the awards and conference are a welcome opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the country.

There aren’t many other awards nights where you’re given blank sheets of paper and pens along with the menu — a hotly contested “on the night” cartoon competition, with the theme “Trumped”, was won by Rod Emmerson. The Walkley delegation was artistically challenged but honoured with unsolicited caricatures.

Glen Le Lievre was named Cartoonist of the Year. His work appears in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Sun Herald, and Crikey. He also took out the award for Editorial/Political Cartoonist. A great result for one of our Walkley cartoon finalists for this year.

Anton Emdin, who spoke at Storyology about life as a freelancer, received the Illustrator award.

'Wizard of Oz' illustration courtesy of Anton Emdin.

‘Wizard of Oz’ illustration courtesy of Anton Emdin.

Caricature courtesy of Judy Nadin.

Caricature courtesy of Judy Nadin.

Here are the 2016 Stanley Award winners:

Cartoonist of the year
Glen Le Lievre

Single gag cartoonist
Matt Golding

Anton Emdin

Editorial/political cartoonist
Glen Le Lievre

Comic strip cartoonist
Gary Clark

Comic book artist
Glen Lumsden

Children’s book illustrator
Leigh Hobbs

Judy Nadin

Cartoon on the night
Rod Emmerson

Jim Russell award for outstanding contribution to Australian cartooning
Gerald Carr

Inductions into the Australian cartooning hall of fame
Ken Emerson
Eric Joliffe
Geoff Hook

Cartoon courtesy of Jeff Hook.

Cartoon courtesy of Geoff Hook.