Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibitions

Biddigal Dreaming, from Marc McCormack's winning entry for the Nikon-Walkley Community/Regional Prize.

Biddigal Dreaming, from Marc McCormack’s winning entry for the Nikon-Walkley Community/Regional Prize.

About the Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism

These awards are the pinnacle of achievement for Australian press photographers and are judged by a panel of senior photographers and picture editors who are representative of the whole industry.

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A showcase of 2016 finalist photos, plus the shortlist for the Walkley Documentary Award.

Each year after the Walkley Awards, the Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition hits the road for a year to show a wide audience the outstanding moments in sport, daily life and news reportage.

Over the past three years the Walkley Foundation has grown its photographic program to include exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth.

2016 Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition Touring Dates: