Award Winners

Freelance Journalist of the Year Award Winners

Debra Jopson (2014)


 “Her experience shines through in her sympathetic reporting of indigenous and political issues from an independent stance, and her courageous exposure of injustice without compromising the dignity of her subjects” – Judges’ comments


Fiona Harari (2013)

Fiona Harari

“Fiona is a compelling storyteller who never loses sight of the fact she is allowing people to speak about deeply traumatic times in their lives that continue to haunt them. Her work shows a sensitivity and compassion that also understands the newsworthy nature of what she’s doing.” – Judges’ comments


Dave Tacon (2012)


“Dave reported from three difficult-to-work-in locations with flair and vigour. The Jakarta and Port Moresby stories were particularly strong and newsworthy, told with empathy and passion. It was versatile freelance journalism at its best and no aspect of the different journalistic disciplines suffered for the other.” – Judges’ comments