Gold Walkley Honour Roll

The Gold Walkley has been awarded since 1978, and is recognised as the pinnacle of journalistic achievement.

Since 1978, the Gold Walkley has been won by:

2018 Hedley Thomas and Slade Gibson, The Australian

2017 Michael Bachelard and Kate Geraghty, Fairfax Media

2016 Andrew Quilty

2015 Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Sam Clark and Max Murch Four Corners, ABC TV

2014 Adele Ferguson, Deb Masters and Mario Christodoulou Four Corners, ABC TV

2013 Joanne McCarthy The Newcastle Herald, Newcastle

2012 Steve Pennells The West Australian, Perth

2011 Sarah Ferguson, Michael Doyle and Anne Worthington Four Corners, ABC TV

2010 Laurie Oakes Nine News, Nine Network

2009 Gary Hughes The Australian

2008 Ross Coulthart and Nick Farrow Sunday, Nine Network

2007 Hedley Thomas The Australian

2006 Liz Jackson, Lin Buckfield, Peter Cronau Four Corners ABC TV

2005 Tim Palmer ABC

2004 Neil Chenoweth, Shraga Elam, Colleen Ryan, Andrew Main, & Rosemarie Graffagnini Australian Financial Review

2003 Richard Moran National Nine News, Nine Network

2002 Kate McClymont & Anne Davies The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney

2001 Andrew Rule The Age, Melbourne

2000 Mark Davis Dateline, SBS TV

1999 Richard Ackland, Deborah Richards & Anne Connolly Media Watch, ABC TV

1998 Pamela Williams The Australian Financial Review

1997 Mary-Louise O’Callaghan The Australian

1996 Peter Hartcher The Australian Financial Review

1995 David Bentley Courier Mail, Brisbane

1994 Peter McEvoy ABC Radio National

1993 Philip Chubb & Sue Spencer Labor in Power, ABC TV

1992 Jenny Brockie Cop It Sweet, ABC TV

1991 Monica Attard ABC Radio

1990 Janet Hawley Good Weekend

1989 Alan Tate & Paul Bailey The Sydney Morning Herald

1988 Norman Swan ABC Radio

1987 Phil Dickie Courier Mail, Brisbane

1986 Ron Tandberg The Age, Melbourne

1985 Chris Masters and Bruce Belsham ABC Four Corners

1984 Jan Mayman The Age, Melbourne

1983 Mary Delahunty & Alan Hall ABC Four Corners

1982 Kerry O’Brien ATN-7, Sydney

1981 John Lewis Newcastle Herald

1980 Grant Heading ABC Television

1979 Ron Tandberg The Age, Melbourne

1978 Catherine Martin West Australian, Perth

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