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Best journalism campaign:  This category recognises how an individual, team or news organisation reports on violence against women to lead a campaign which brings about awareness or change.  It may include rolling coverage or involve community campaigning in addition to news reporting.  It may be multi-platform which may include the use of social media.  Each entry must demonstrate how the campaign was realised and provide evidence of its impact.  Entries are to include up to 4 examples of journalism and up to 3 examples of supporting evidence.

All Media: Best news coverage: This category recognises the diverse skills of the news reporter/journalist to provide insightful and accurate reports under the pressure of deadlines. The emphasis of this award is on solid, balanced and fair reporting by an individual (or small team) that contributes to improving community perceptions of the causes and consequences of violence against women and its prevention. Entries may consist of up to four related news items.

All Media: Best series or special: This category displays tenacity and creativity in sustained-coverage of the issue or a particular related event over the past 12 months as specified in the terms & conditions. Each entry should include the initial story and up to four subsequent stories over the course of days, weeks, or months. The progression of the initial developing story should be apparent from the follow-up coverage. Each entry must be accompanied by a supporting statement. Details should include the story’s chronology and circumstances affecting its gathering and presentation as well as resources available. It should recognise innovation and creativity, and the use of new technology and either single or multi platforms in the presentation of news and information. It can include an entire media organisation or individuals working across a range of platforms.

All Media: Best local/community journalism: This category is open to journalists working in suburban or regional media. The award recognises the role individual reporters and local news organisations play in not only reporting on violence against women but leading campaigns which help generate awareness or change in their community. Each entry must demonstrate how the reporting coverage or the campaign was realised and provide evidence of its impact.  Entries are to include up to 5 examples of journalism and up to 3 examples of supporting evidence.

All Media: Best longform: Based on a single entry, this award recognises longform journalism that shines a light on the misconceptions about the causes of violence against women, the social dynamics that allow it to occur and what we can do to prevent it. It also recognises reporting excellence, accuracy, storytelling, originality and high standards of ethics and research. This may include essays, books or documentaries.

Best use of social media: This category recognises the effective or innovative use of the medium to engage with audiences with real-time content across the social web to ensure violence against woman and its prevention remains at the forefront of public dialogue.  The award will recognise courage and creativity, and innovative use of social media across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and the rest of the social web. Judges will take into account public impact, ethics, originality of content and audience engagement. 

Our Watch Gold Award: Judges chose the winner of the Gold Award from among the winners of all other categories.

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