Young Australian Journalist of the Year Awards Categories Explained


2016 Categories explained

Text-based Journalism: This category recognises journalism primarily in written or text formats, published in print or digital media. Keeping in mind the parameters of the medium, it recognises writing and reporting excellence, accuracy, storytelling, originality and high standards of ethics and research.  Multi-media teams where text features are included.

Radio/Audio Journalism: This category recognises journalism produced primarily in an audio format, for radio or digital platforms. Criteria include creativity, courage, immediacy, resourcefulness, journalistic skill and ethics, production innovation and excellence and best use of the audio medium to break and take stories to audiences. Entries can include producers or mixed production teams.

Television/Video Journalism: This category recognises journalism and/or camerawork primarily produced in audio-visual formats. Criteria include research, analysis and investigation, accuracy, production innovation and excellence, compelling storytelling and public impact. Entries can include mixed production teams.

Photography:  recognises still photography produced for any platform that has journalistic value. Criteria include storytelling, courage, public impact, creativity, innovative use of technology, technical ability and resourcefulness and can include sound slides and photo film. Students may enter this category for free.

All Media:  Coverage of community & regional affairs: This category is open only to journalists working in the suburban or regional media and recognises their role in reporting on and informing their local communities.  Regional media shall be taken to include all suburban outlets within major metro centres through to regional and remote outlets. This award is rewarding regional and community journalists so entrants must be based in the communities they are covering not just covering the story. This all media category includes work published in print, on-line or broadcast on radio or television. 

Student Journalist of the Year Award: This all media category recognises excellence in student journalism across all media including print, radio, television, photography, and digital. The award winner and three finalists are chosen on the basis of journalistic excellence, including: newsworthiness, research, writing, production, incisiveness, impact, ethics, originality, innovation and creative flair.  Entry for the Student Award is free