CEO Jacqui Park to leave Walkleys at year’s end

Walkleys CEO Jacqui Park is leaving the Walkley Foundation at the end of this year.

Jacqui Park has been CEO of the Walkley Foundation Ltd since it was incorporated in 2013 as an independent not-for profit company. Prior to that, she was the organisation’s founding Executive Director.

“Having built the Walkleys as the heart of excellence in Australian journalism and having overseen its incorporation as an independent and financially stable not-for-profit, now feels like the right time for me to pursue a new adventure,” she said.

“Jacqui has made an outstanding contribution to Australian journalism, both through the evolution of the Walkley Awards for excellence and now through the work of the independent Walkley Foundation,” said Quentin Dempster, chair of the Walkley Foundation board of trustees.

“Through Jacqui’s work in innovation, communications and leadership the Walkley Foundation is strategically placed to engage all Australians in the crucial, valuable work of public interest journalism.”

Former Walkley advisory chair Laurie Oakes said: “Jacqui has a rigorous commitment to independent journalism and its role in Australia’s democracy. Her deep understanding of what makes outstanding journalism has helped to ensure that the Walkleys stand at the centre of our craft.”

Former chair and Australian Financial Review editor Paul Bailey said: ”Jacqui was early to recognise the need to have a vision of journalism’s future and to work to share that widely. Part of that vision involved recognising the value of longform journalism by creating the Walkley book and documentary awards. She also founded and edited the Walkley Magazine and has guided it superbly into the impressive publication it is today.”

Eureka Report and Business Spectator co-founder and editor at The Australian James Kirby said: “Jacqui is a thought leader in Australian journalism, playing a critical role in both understanding media disruption and assisting those who seek to reinvent their organisations – or their own careers – in a digital age.

“Her role in connecting Australian media with the global media industry – especially in the US – has been unique. She has reshaped the Walkleys from a traditional media awards organisation to the relevant, financially robust and successful multi-media enterprise it is today.”

Ms Park added, “This is a time of unprecedented change in news and journalism. There are real challenges and, most importantly, there are great opportunities. I’m excited about a new role for me in those opportunities”. 

Quentin Dempster said, “All associated with the Walkleys and the media industry will wish Jacqui well and thank her most sincerely for her contribution”.

The Walkley Foundation will soon appoint a new CEO to take the organisation into the next phase of industry support and professional development for Australian journalism. 

Jacqui Park can be contacted on 0432 326 680
Quentin Dempster can be contacted on 0418 417 747