Create, communicate, activate to effect action and change behaviour

In the latest in our series of blog posts by CommsDirect speakers, Yianni Konstantopoulos, group managing director, Social@Ogilvy on why messaging must focus on action and change.

The theme of this year’s CommsDirect conference can’t be more apt at capturing the essence of the difficult questions being asked by media and communications professionals across a variety of industries in Australia.

The rapid changes in the communications industry, fueled primarily by the explosion of social media marketing coupled with a shift to customer-centric brand building, has communicators grappling with difficult questions:

  • How do we know our messages are working?
  • How do reach the right the audience given that there is so much “noise” around our brand/issue/government agency?
  • How do we know what’s working, and what isn’t as we try to scale our efforts?
  • What ‘data’ should we be tracking and how do we know that patterns are emerging?
  • How can we leverage an increasing fast-moving digital ecosystem to our advantage?

These questions have arisen as a direct result of how quickly the communications industry has shifted in recent years. I believe that “Create, Communicate and Activate” is precisely how the most innovative organisations are beginning to structure their efforts to ensure success moving forward.

Rather than thinking about communications through the lens of people reached, the very best organisations are thinking through the lenses of engagement and actions taken. Opportunity to see and track digital reach metrics are becoming meaningless when others are tracking brand affinity, preference changes and directly tying digital/social efforts to actual behaviour changes.

From my perspective, this year’s event will dive into real-world learnings on what it takes to succeed in a changing world:

Create: How to architect effective stories and what pieces of content are required to story-tell effectively.

Communicate: Once we have our stories, how do we be begin to tell them to the right people? And more importantly, how do we know they’re listening and whether or not they think our story is as good as we do?

Activate: How to leverage grassroots affiliation and support and the power of online influencers to carry our message even further?

In spite of the fact that the digital/social space seems to be getting increasingly complicated, with what seems to be a new social platform every day, the fundamental challenges in our industry have remained the same:

How do we tell a compelling story that authentically differentiates? And how do we tell that story to the people who matter the most to our organisation?

August 7 is shaping up to be a tremendous day in helping to answer some of these questions and I’m really looking forward to it.


Yianni KonstantopoulosYianni Konstantopoulos is the group managing director of Social@Ogilvy for Ogilvy PR. Yianni joined the Social@Ogilvy team from Washington DC, bringing with him over a decade of impact in business development, digital strategy execution, team leadership, and strategic marketing experience.

Yianni will speak at CommsDirect in Sydney on August 7 on the “Mastering social media” panel.
Tickets are just $395 for those working in media or the not-for-profit sector and $495 for corporate: $100 off the regular price!