Four things this International Women’s Day to get you angry, thinking or in the running for a national award

• Adele Horin gave a speech last August reviewing the role of women in media since her career began, decades earlier, at the women’s page of The West Australian. We republish it in full: a dark diagnosis of modern media’s situation despite some notes of progress. An amazing read from the much-loved journalist, who died late last year.
Women are still marginalised in media: a rebuke from the late Adele Horin

• Gaven Morris, director of news at the ABC, writes in the Walkley Magazine that the ABC is tracking its own gender bias in coverage and maybe everyone else should, too. Tip on how to get more women in your coverage? Call more women sources. (He says it more politely, though.)

• Women in Media, a MEAA initiative, has a survey revealing a “blokey culture that rewards ‘mates over merit’, tolerates sexual harassment and abuse, pays lip service to work-family balance and perpetuates” in Australian media: Mates over Merit survey. Bah. Good graphics though (see above), and you can find out what MEAA’s doing to help.

• So, given all of this, we should make more of an effort to reward amazing Australian women journalists who are combating these deficits in our industry, right? We agree. Hence the Walkleys Women’s Leadership Award, offered for the first time in 2016 to recognise women who are making a contribution to gender equality through their reporting. It’s self-nominated and entries will open March 14 at Read more about it on our awards page.