Lucy McNally

Bi-media Reporter, ABC News

Lucy McNally

Lucy has been at the ABC for eight years. During the first half of her career, she worked her way up from overnight reporter to crime reporter, a role she had for almost four years. In 2011, she went to Darwin for 12 months to obtain skills in television reporting. She returned a qualified bi-media reporter and is now regularly trusted with lead stories on the 7pm news.

“The requirements of the job have evolved significantly during my career, and I am now expected to file not just for radio and television, but for online, taking photos and tweeting developments in the story as they happen.”

She has adapted to the changes well.

“I am a hard-working journalist with a keen interest in meeting people from a range of backgrounds. I believe my success as a journalist is based on my ability to connect with anyone, and to build rapport quickly, as well as of course my skills in identifying news angles and meeting deadlines. Perhaps most importantly, I am curious. I strive to know more about each issue I come across, and I feel privileged that I have a job that enables me to share that knowledge with others.”