Partner Testimonials


“In 2000, Nikon and The Walkley Foundation partnered to further the acknowledgement and appreciation of press photography in Australia in the form of the Nikon-Walkley Press Photo Awards. For Nikon this partnership was an incredibly positive alignment that gave us better opportunities to interact directly with our professional user base in a more meaningful way, while building greater brand awareness with our core high-end consumers. The Nikon-Walkley Awards remain the most prestigious form of recognition for photojournalists in Australia – and Nikon remains a very proud supporter. As a brand committed to innovation and excellence in all forms of product development, design and performance, our alignment with The Walkley Foundation is due to similar values. We look forward to the next stages as the foundation continues to develop across our ever-changing digital landscape” — Kylie Dredge, brand marketing manager, Nikon Australia


As Australia’s biggest producer of television news services we’re committed to nurturing and celebrating quality journalism. The Walkley Foundation plays a central role in promoting and recognising the journalistic achievements of Australian media. Our channels SKY NEWS National, SKY NEWS Business, SKY NEWS Weather and Australia’s Public Affairs Channel are the product of modern-day journalism produced in ten bureaus across Australia and New Zealand. Everyone at Australian News Channel is proud to support The Walkley Foundation.

Angelos Frangopoulos, chief executive officer, Australian News Channel


For more than 50 years the Walkley Awards have been the inspiration for hundreds of great careers in journalism. In such a rapidly changing industry it is more important than ever that we recognise excellence in journalism. Journalism represents a fundamentally important part of an open society. The Walkley Foundation represents a celebration, an independent voice, and a chance for the industry to recognise its achievements, as it supports and encourages professional and ethical journalism and promotes excellence in the Australian media. At iSentia our clients ask us to track and measure the news because they know how important a role journalism plays in our society – and we’re thrilled to support the foundation that recognises the finest work of our nation’s Fourth Estate.

John Chalmers, executive director, marketing and communications, iSentia


Media Super supports the careers and aspirations of all people within our industries, and The Walkley Foundation has an important role to play in fostering, recognising and celebrating the first class work of Australian journalists. At a time when the media industry is undergoing significant structural change and is under increasing scrutiny (and attack) , it’s critically important that we continue to strive for excellence, demonstrate our respect for the truth and defend the public’s right to know. We’re proud to support Australian journalism through The Walkley Foundation.