Volunteering for The Walkley Foundation

Volunteering at The Walkley Foundation is an exciting opportunity for Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) members, freelancers and university students to network with some of the biggest names in the industry while providing essential support at our premier events and award programs.

Our famed Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, respected throughout the news industry, reward excellence and sets the benchmark for Australian journalism. We also facilitate training for journalists and media workers, host public forums, photography slide nights, photography exhibitions and Australia’s biggest annual media fundraising dinner – the Press Freedom Australia Dinner.

Our volunteers provide critical support for all these programs!

“I began volunteering at The Walkley Foundation events to lend support to both the union and the industry. Everyone pitches in to help and there is an amazing spirit of camaraderie. I recommend it to people in all stages and all levels of the media as it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and share ideas.”  Maha Obeid, freelance journalist and MEAA member

What do The Walkley Foundation’s volunteers do?

Our volunteers carry out a variety of tasks at range of events, under the supervision of Walkley staff:

1) Fundraising assistance: At the 2014 Press Freedom Australia Dinner (May 2)

2) Q & A at our events: At our panel discussions and media forums, volunteers handle roving microphones to ensure audience questions can be heard

3) Social media: Our volunteers might be asked to tweet from our events using their personal twitter handle – a great way to pick up new followers!

4) Photography: We always welcome excellent photography skills to capture the colour and excitement of our events

5) Event coordination: Our volunteers are essential support at our events, helping to bump-in and bump-out, set up props and manage traffic flow

6) Event registration: Some volunteers like to be a friendly face at our events, meeting and greeting participants, issuing name tags and providing directions and information

There are many ways you can get involved! We’re currently seeking volunteers for:

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