Innovation Grant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 2017 process begin?

We will open applications in March and announce the longlisted projects in April. The longlisted projects will then enter a workshop program to develop and hone their ideas and plans. This will include an in-person workshop in Sydney and Melbourne with leading US media innovation talent.

Can I see what questions I’ll need to answer on the online application form?

You will be able to preview the form before entering your idea. We highly encourage drafting your responses first, and then copying them into the form. At the end of the online submission process, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you DON’T receive a confirmation email, your application has not been submitted. If this occurs, try pasting in your responses again, and if it still doesn’t work, contact us.

Are team entries eligible?

Yes. You’ll need a clear plan about how you will divide responsibilities and resources if your grant application is successful. But teaming up is great.

I’ve already been developing a project – am I eligible?

We will accept applications from existing start-ups and clearly planned models. These grants would suit a small project looking to scale up. You must operate independently from mainstream media.

What makes a project “independent”?

We won’t accept proposals from mainstream media organisations. If you work for a mainstream media organisation, you are welcome to apply as an individual or team but on the basis that you would work on your project outside your job.

What are the criteria for successful projects?

We’re looking for journalistic projects that demonstrate independence, innovation and entrepreneurialism. Applications should be clear on what makes the project unique, what success will look like if the application is successful and how you’d measure that success. The judges will also want to know how your project will benefit journalism in Australia – either directly, or downstream – so consider this in your application too.

What if my idea isn’t a business, but a new way of telling a journalistic story?

We are open to giving grants for individual stories – but make sure you application clearly outlines what makes your idea new. Tell us what technology or combination of media or research technique you plan to use, and why nobody has ever done anything like it before.

How many grants will be given?

The judges reserve the right to divide the prize pool as they see fit. In 2017, we may offer some of the grant funding as matched crowdfunding rather than as an outright grant.

Who can attend the workshops?

A long list of projects selected from the applications will be invited to attend workshops in two states, to develop their ideas and business plans. These workshops will take place in May 2017.

What happens next for winners?

We’ll announce the successful projects to be funded in June 2017. As well as the grant funding, we’ll link winners with mentors and experts to bring their proposal to life. The projects will launch after June 2017 and we’ll track their progress through and The Walkley Magazine – Inside the Media in Australia and New Zealand.

The projects must have a lifespan of 9-12 months with a plan to be sustainable beyond that. But however they turn out we aim to share the lessons learned. Grant recipients will be expected to share their experiences through reports and Walkley events to encourage further innovation.

Who retains the intellectual property?

Applicants retain intellectual property rights to their project. We would love to share successful projects with the broader community as open source developments, but it is up to the applicants whether they wish to take this route.

How can I support the program?

We’re open to funding and support from corporate partners. For more information, please contact our Innovation Manager Rose Powell on 02 9333 0963.

I have more questions that need answers!

Contact us on rose.powell [at] walkleys [dot] com if you have any questions or are seeking feedback on whether your idea or project are a good fit.