Elevate Business Leaders Forum

The Elevate Business Leaders Forum is a digital platform for regional businesses to share stories, connect and learn from each other. The initial project is a series of 12 digital stories and podcasts that will hear interesting and engaging business people share stories, tips and advise. We will house the stories on a website freely accessible to the business community.
They will be able to watch the videos, download podcasts, read stories or download tips. We also have added a live element where we will have guest appearances from the speakers at networking events for people to engage and interact with.



Coming soon!


Karina Brindley:

Karina is a self confessed media junky. Years of working in big media outlets, radio, tv, press, magazine, web and now the Managing Director of Elevate Media. The one thing Karina prides herself on is connection. Connection to audiences, businesses and the community. ‘Embracing digital technology to do more with less is a positive place to be moving into the future’. Karina’s main concentration is on Business with the aim to increase business and enable growth. And this is where the Business Leader’s Forum concept blossomed. Karina is the content director for the Business Leaders Forum project.

Angie Bruton:

Angie brings a wealth of skills and experience to the team including marketing, events and business development. She studied Marketing and Business at Central Queensland University before commence her career, she is now the Marketing Manager at Elevate Media. Angie’s passion is connecting and learning from people by developing skills and knowledge through experience. Angie’s blend of skills and personality enables her to manage this project.


Jaclyn Kemp:

Jaclyn is the design and development guru who will be turing this project from drap to fab. She grew up in Sydney and graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Design in 2010. After working at an advertising agency in Sydney for several years she moved to Gladstone and now provides the art direction for Elevate Media’s projects. Jaclyn is passionate about transforming ideas into a creative design solution.