Inspiration for the arduous Storyology Six-Word Story requirement

We’re asking our Storyology speakers to write six-word autobiographies again this year. Dear speakers … if we’ve invited you, it’s because you’re a star, and we have faith that you will shine at this, too. If you’re attending Storyology, writing your story and sharing it on Twitter tagged #storyology is a great way to break the ice. Plus this year we’re going to hold a People’s Choice vote on these at the conference — with fabulous prizes (TBA, possibly booze) for the winner!

Here’s the oft-quoted original.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.someone other than Ernest Hemingway

Actually, last year very few people wrote stories as such. Most were more like their journalism taglines.

Write it, run it, move on!Peter FitzSimons, freelance
Always digging. Never daunted. Never defeated.Adele Ferguson, Fairfax Media
Beware: Inner mongrel. No stone unturned. — Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Four Corners
Pictures in panels, poetry in balloonsMatt Huynh, freelance
Discover, Verify, Acquire, Publish, Amplify, Repeat.Aine Kerr, Storyful

Some gave us a chuckle. “So true,” we said, wiping tiny tears from our eyes.

Curiosity gets the better of introversionConal Hanna, Fairfax
Long time trouble-seeker: now with hairdressingHugh Riminton, Ten

Sometimes they posed a challenge:

Tell me something I don’t know.Campbell Reid, News Corp
Journalists must admit: we need customers.Jeremy Gilbert, Washington Post

We unofficially give extra points for rhymes:

Adores good stories. Thrives on live.Gaven Morris, ABC
Villains derailed, on her pen impaled.Kate McClymont, Fairfax

Good luck! And tweet us your story with the tag #Storyology.

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— The Walkleys Team