Introducing Conversations from Storyology, a WalkleyTalks podcast series

To those who have been clamouring to hear audio from Storyology, our August festival: We throw you a bone. Here is where we’re posting the best bits from Storyology as a mini-series in our WalkleyTalks podcast.

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— Walkley multimedia manager Kate Golden

Indigenous languages in the media

When was the last time you heard a story about Torres Strait Islanders or aboriginal people being told IN an Indigenous language? We in the media need to work out what role these languages can play in telling the stories of Indigenous communities. Five brilliant Aussie storytellers talk about it: Allan Clarke is the indigenous affairs reporter at BuzzFeed Australia. Lionel Lovett is a Wiradjuri language teacher at Parkes Public School in western New South Wales. Solua Middleton is a producer for ABC Open on the Gold Coast. And Bruce Pascoe is writer and director at First Languages Australia. Jade Christian, commissioning editor at NITV, moderated.

Management shake-up

Tired of seeing token female participation, if any, on leadership panels at media conferences? Yeah, us too. That’s why at Storyology this year our version of that panel was 100 per cent women — and it was a crowd favorite. Here, four badass women talk frankly about the media’s diversity problems and how to get more women and people of color at the top. We’ve got Kara Swisher, head of Recode and a formidable tech journalist based in the U.S.; Marina Go, who ran Hearst Bauer Media until recently and just published “Break Through: 20 Success Strategies For Female Leaders” (excerpt here); Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a social activist and oil rig engineer; and Michelle Guthrie, general manager of the Australian Broadcasting Corp.


Media after the Arab Spring

“This is an unprecedented moment of restriction for us as journalists – and people in general in Egypt,” says Lina Attalah. She and other journalists founded an independent online news outlet, Mada Masr, in the wake of the Arab Spring. But in these turbulent times, it hasn’t been easy. At Storyology, we paired her up with Peter Greste, the journalist who came to Egypt in 2013 for a “very vanilla” story and found himself imprisoned on trumped-up charges of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. Here’s their smart, thoughtful conversation.

Learn more about Egyptian news by reading it on Mada Masr. And you can read about Greste’s travails in Freeing Peter, a book he and his family wrote.


The art of source cultivation

Sources are the heart of investigative journalism. How do you go about finding, cultivating, and not burning the people behind the stories? Featuring Gerard Ryle, director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists; Heidi Blake, investigations editor at BuzzFeed UK; Daniela Pinheiro, senior writer at Piauí Magazine; and moderator Quentin Dempster AO, political editor of The New Daily and a Walkley Trustee.


Data journalism gets personal

On using personalisation to make data stories more engaging — including how not to be creepy about it. On our panel: Kavya Sukumar, Vox Media (whose title is “storytelling engineer”); Julia Smith, designer-dev at Institute for Nonprofit News; Inga Ting, Sydney Morning Herald; Ed Tadros, Australian Financial Review; Simon Elvery, ABC. Also discussed: An inside view of making news apps at fast-growing Vox, and of being a one-woman data band. How the Fin readers are different from everybody else’s. And how platforms make it hard to share data journalism.


How the Panama Papers were made: Gerard Ryle and Kate McClymont

Ryle, director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, is the brains behind the Panama Papers — the biggest leak ever, the biggest journalistic collaboration ever. Kate McClymont of Fairfax Media is renowned for fierce investigative reportage revealing corruption in Australia. Here Kate grills Gerard on how John Doe made contact, the system that allowed 400+ reporters to work together, what it takes to uncover scandals on this scale and whether this kind of investigative reporting can be done in Australia.


Kara Swisher on BuzzFeed, Bezos, Twitter and the Kardashians

Kara Swisher founded Recode Media (now a Vox pub) and the star-studded Recode Conference. And she’s among the most fearless — and to some, fearsome — tech journalists in the world. She came to Australia to give us the latest Silicon Valley and media trends; her frank keynote is followed by questions from Marc Fennell of Download This Show and SBS’s The Feed.


Don’t panic: How we rise up from a digitally disrupted, post-fact journapocalypse — Jacqui Park and Peter Fray

How do we fix journalism? Walkley CEO Jacqui Park and Uni journalism professor Peter Fray each spent time in the U.S. recently looking for inspiration and models to aid both the business and the practice of journalism in Australia. At Storyology, they kicked off the festival with some big picture thoughts on how to improve both.