Introducing the 20 journalists who have been awarded Walkley Coding Scholarships

It turns out choosing just 16 journalists from more than a hundred reporters and producers who are hungry for new skills and deeply aware of the need to learn how to code is really bloody hard.

When the Walkleys first launched our coding scholarships with the Coder Factory Academy, we had no idea how many or what kind of applications we were going to get. When 139 people applied, we immediately began exploring future opportunities for those who weren’t selected for this scholarship (we have some exciting plans for this so make sure you sign up here for notification about future opportunities).

Even after the Coder Factory Academy very generously allowed us to have a total of 10 scholarships in Sydney and 10 scholarships in Melbourne, it was still very difficult for the Walkleys team to choose just 20. We want to take this opportunity to thank the team at Coder Factory for being such a generous and flexible partner, that genuinely believes in supporting journalism.

“It’s no secret that the journalism and media industry is being disrupted and that there are many directions that the news industry could follow. We are excited to do this partnerships with the Walkleys as we want to help journalists understand the intersection between technology and business,” Coder Factory cofounder Dan Siepen said.

“Technology is an enabler to solve business solutions and we want to dissect how technology can help improve business processes and solve problems that exist within the industry today. It’s our mission to make sure we provide the skills and tools journalists can use for improving their industry.”

The people who stood out clearly understood the power of learning to code and had clear ideas for useful and achievable journalism apps. They were also eager to work collaboratively with their newsroom or freelance colleagues, and to help evangelise the power of learning.

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