Introducing the talented people speaking at Storyology this year (in just six words)


Every year we ask our Storyology speakers to answer a few questions about themselves to help everyone get to know them before the conference. We ask a little about storytelling, a little about who they are. They’re icebreakers.

That, of course, is how we know that Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives at The Washington Post, wishes he could tell his 15-year-old self to stop worrying about learning to drive.

“Elon Musk and company will take care of that,” he writes.

Gilbert’s many achievements include directing technology and space design at Medill University, being a professor of interactive storytelling, rethinking the website, creating The Post’s first virtual reality stories and reimagining election-night coverage — his proudest career moment, as an aside, being that he went to work the next morning after that accomplishment.

You can read more about that on his speaker page.

But this year, in honor of all of our collectively shortened attention spans — reduced, of course, by social media, by the accelerating pace of the news cycle and life itself  — we’re taking a page from whoever came up with the famous six-word novel (“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn”) and asking our speakers to sum themselves up in just six words.

They’re just starting to roll in. You’ll see them on speaker pages and our Twitter and Instagram feed. Write your own and we’ll feature them at the conference.

But we’ll start with Jeremy Gilbert’s, which could double as an opening salvo for the conference itself:

“Journalists must admit: We need customers.”


Soak up some Gilbert time by getting a Storyology Plus Pass and signing up for his workshop, an intensive, small-group introduction to coding for the web.

Keynote: Old dog, new tricks: The Washington Post’s marriage of storytelling and tech Thursday, Nov. 12
Panel: The innovator’s dilemma: Who has the write stuff?Thursday, Nov. 12
Storyology Plus workshop: Cracking code & interactive storytelling Saturday, Nov. 14
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