Jacqui Park’s highlights from the annual U.S. gathering of journalism innovators

Cover image: Screenshot from Amy O’Leary’s ONA15 presentation.

As we head into Storyology (do you have your ticket yet?), here’s a view on new developments and trends in journalism from the United States. Walkley Foundation CEO Jacqui Park is on a Knight Foundation fellowship working on ways to encourage investment in new media and journalistic innovation in Australia. She sent along her highlights from this past month’s Online News Association conference in Los Angeles. Want to know more? Catch up with her at Storyology, Nov. 11-14 in Sydney.

By Jacqui Park

Futurist Amy Webb set the scene with  this predictive talk … A little out there, but it’s fun thinking of the possibilities of these tech journalism trends.

Jacqui Park

The keynote panel on “We Belong Here: Pushing Back Against Online Harassment” was a good discussion of harassment and violence online as part of a concerted effort to shut down diverse voices in our media. It continued the discussion Storyology hosted last November (“Are women treated differently on the Internet?” with Tara Moss, Jane Caro, Dina Zaman of Malaysia, Madhu Trehan of India and moderator Philippa McDonald).

One of my favourite talks at ONA was Amy O’Leary:  From Scheherazade to Snapchat: Ancient Storytelling Practices that Win the Internet for Good. Key takeaway – our stories should make the world a better place by cultivating empathy. She is a rock star in the online news community and lucky for us she will be talking at Storyology! You can see it here and it’s worth seeing where she takes it.

The session on revenue options had good advice on membership, advertising and events. Key takeaways: Sponsored events that are a key part of your accountability journalism can earn a lot of money. Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune explains how. Quartz says we must demand quality in advertising and unlock the information and expertise of brands for native content. Their research says business folk like their ad content!

A wrap from the Negotiation, compensation and you session here and tips.

I did a table talk on podcasting and you can find tips here.

You can check out the full program and click through to more here: http://ona15.journalists.org/sessions/

Plus we learned that Pinterest is dead (was it ever alive?). That’s because Snapchat killed it and everyone needs to have a Snapchat strategy NOW. And even legacy media can now crowdfund for special investigations. And you can sell your data to other news outlets and make a profit.

Last, but not least: Newsletters are hot because they are a personal news product, handcrafted for an easy mobile experience. They should be designed with the audience in mind, experiment and establish metrics. See what Buzzfeed learnt here.

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