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Posted December 2017

Philanthropy & Development Manager

We’re a little organisation with a big mission to beef up Australian journalism and help it thrive.

The Walkley Foundation is at the heart of the Australian media. We recognise and promote excellence in our craft. We advocate for great journalism. The Walkleys is a well-regarded and respected brand both within the industry and in the public mind. We have celebrated the best in Australian journalism since 1956.

It’s an exciting time at the Walkleys. In 2018, we will launch a philanthropic program that will support the future of Australian journalism. With our newly minted Tax-deductible GiftRecipient status, it is now possible for philanthropists to support quality independent storytelling that is in the public interest. The outcomes of public-interest reporting can expose corruption, launch royal commissions, remove improper politicians from office and jail wrongdoers. We must ensure that the Australian journalism industry is strong enough that such stories can continue to be done.

Now we’re looking for the right person to grow our philanthropy program and the raise the big bucks needed to see journalism flourish. We need someone who’s passionate about journalism and has a proven track record in philanthropy, with a minimum of five years’ experience. You will have exceptional writing and presentation skills and have extensive networks in the philanthropic sector. This is a self-starter position and as the only philanthropy specialist on staff you will initially be doing it all. As you grow the fund you can grow your team.

You’ll be excited about working hard on a really close-knit team. We’re not going to lie, it’s full on at the Walkleys — we punch way above our weight! But it’s incredibly rewarding — we work with the best journalists in Australia and have incredible support across the industry.

Location: Redfern, Sydney

Organisation: Walkley Foundation for Excellence in Journalism

Salary/Contract Type: Contract of employment or independent contractor, flexible working hours

Closing Date: 22 January 2018

The Position

The Philanthropy & Development Manager reports directly to the Chief Executive.

This key role requires an experienced philanthropist with an interest in journalism to drive revenue growth over four core areas:

  • Individual donor development
  • Sector & community fundraising
  • Major gifts and philanthropy
  • Grants: Sector and government

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