Walkley Journalism Explored Essay series project

About the project

The Walkley Journalism Explored Essay Series directly supports journalists and writers to develop new works about the media. Quality journalism has never been more important or more under threat, and the Walkley Foundation is determined to lead a conversation that helps all of us understand this moment in our industry, and educates the broader community about how journalism works and why it is so valuable.

Through researched and analytical reporting, Australian writers will delve into the contemporary news ecosystem and how it influences our society. The pieces developed under this project will educate the news industry and the public, sparking conversations and inspiring new directions. The essays will provide critical context about the state and future of the news industry.

The essays will be published in the Walkley Magazine, released from July 2018. The best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing? Sign up to the Walkley email newsletter to stay up-to-date.


The editorial committee

Claire Harvey | Lenore Taylor | John Van Tiggelen


The writers

Richard Ackland | Michael GreenAmelia Lester | Brigid Delaney

+ more to come


We’re grateful to the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund for supporting this project.

Australia has a vibrant creative community that informs, inspires and delights the nation – and in part that is because the Copyright Agency has been standing up for creators since 1974.

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