Journos, we want to help you protect your sources

If you’re concerned about protecting your sources — and you ought to be, considering all the news about increasing state surveillance of journalists — we’ve got a couple of tidbits for you.

1. Our friends at the OpenAustralia Foundation have hacked up a handful of pages to show you how your MPs are voting on surveillance issues. OpenAustralia is a small, Sydney-based nonprofit that focuses on increasing access to government data and helping citizens inform themselves. We thought we’d share some work OAF’s Luke Bacon showed at a recent Sydney meetup that displays how MPs vote on:

Check it out.

2. Our next Future Friday event is aimed at helping journalists protect their information and sources. Join us! Gabor Szathmari, an information security expert, privacy advocate and organiser of the CryptoParty Sydney meetups, will help you figure out what privacy-protection steps you actually need to take, and how to take them. Anyone who has ever tried to install PGP knows these technologies can be daunting to master, but we’ll make this friendly and hands-on!

It’s July 1. Bring your laptop and your appetite … to learn, and to eat: Bevvies and snacks will be provided.

3. We met Gabor at one of OpenAustralia’s monthly pub meetups in Sydney. If you’re interested in data journalism, it’s a great place to have a beer with like-minded people (including us) and hear lightning talks on civic data. The next one’s June 28.

— The Walkleys team