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You spend days crafting the perfect message about your organisation, service or product, but how do you know if it reaches the right audience and inspires action and change?

How can communicators with limited budgets create compelling campaigns to compete in the same digital space against corporates with teams of creatives?

What does good content look like – and how can you retain authenticity while selling your message?

We’ll answer all these questions and more at CommsDirect: an essential event for the modern communications professional.

Tickets are just $395 for those working in media or the not-for-profit sector and $495 for corporate: $100 off the regular price!

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Meet some more of our key speakers…

Tracy Fitzgerald, Brandalism

The competitive landscape of “sadvertising”

“Elation has been used as an advertising tool for years. Make people feel happy or make them laugh and you’re much closer to being “distinctive.” The second emotion – sadness – is newer on the scene but arguably even more potent and memorable than feeling happy. Ultimately, sadness has become a tool for storytelling. We’ll call it “sadvertising.”read more.

Ayal Steiner, Outbrain

Dear kitten … this is not an ad

“I certainly share the view that blurring the lines between commercial and editorial content can have negative effects. This is why we feel there is a strong need to set clear boundaries and industry standards for publishers, brands and agencies.” read more.

Yianni Konstantopoulos, group managing director, Social@Ogilvy

Create, communicate, activate to effect action and change behaviour

“Rather than thinking about communications through the lens of people reached,

the very best organisations are thinking through the lenses of engagement and actions taken. Opportunity to see and track digital reach metrics are becoming meaningless when others are tracking brand affinity, preference changes and directly tying digital/social efforts to actual behaviour changes.” — read more

Our sessions include:

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