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Walkley Longform Programs – Literary and Documentary

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Walkley Literary Program

The Walkley literary program celebrates the great tradition of Australian non-fiction writing, recognising and encouraging authors who tackle journalistic subjects in extended literary forms. The long form journalism program comprises several parts:

The Walkley Book Award

The Walkley Book Award celebrates the value and importance of longform journalism, acknowledging the proud line-up of Australian writers who have taken subjects of enduring topicality and consequence from news bulletins, eye-witness reporting, investigations and historical records and provided readers with expanded factual detail, revelation and greater clarity of analysis in book form.

Winners join the ranks of some of the most celebrated non-fiction writers in Australia: Louise Milligan (Cardinal),  Stan Grant ( Talking to My Country), Chip Le Grand (The Straight Dope)Paul Kelly (Triumph and Demise) Pamela Williams (Killing Fairfax), George Megalogenis (The Australian Moment), Russell Skelton (King Brown Country), Shirley Shackleton (The Circle of Silence), Graham Freudenberg (Churchill and Australia), Don Watson (American Journeys), Chris Masters (Jonestown), Neil Chenoweth (Packer’s Lunch) and Bob Connolly (Making Black Harvest).

Literary Festival Participation

The Walkley Foundation’s longstanding relationships with international festivals are aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of Australian society and culture and creating new markets and networks for Australian non-fiction writers. We always seek to expand our writers’ participation in overseas events.

Upcoming Festivals

Australian & International Literary Festivals

Ongoing collaborations with metropolitan, regional and international festivals allow the Walkley Foundation to showcase Book Award winners to a wide and appreciative audience. Finalists and winners participate in panel discussions that are critically well received and attract big audiences.

Walkley Documentary Program

Rick and Celeste on Indian TV

It’s a cliché, but true stories are often stranger and more compelling than anything a novelist could invent! Celebrating the tradition of the great Australian story, The Walkley Foundation’s documentary program recognises the work of non-fiction film-makers who not only tackle journalistic issues but provide important forums for discussion and debate.

The program includes public talks, festival panels, documentary showcases and film festivals both nationally and internationally as well as the Walkley Documentary Award.

The Walkley Documentary Award

Coming into its seventh year, the Walkley Documentary Award recognises excellence in documentary production that is grounded in the principles of journalism– accuracy, impact, public benefit, ethics, creativity, research and reporting – together with rigorous filmmaking.

Documentaries may encompass an in-depth examination of issues of local, national or international importance or of contemporary or historic events and include investigative, biographical and first person stories that reflect the emotion and drama of the human experience.

Winning film-makers, in addition to their Walkley Award, also receive funding to put towards professional development and are given the opportunity to attend a major international film festival.

 To find out more about any of these programs, contact Lauren Dixon on +61 2 9333 0913 or via