Mashable set to launch in Australia

Technology and social media news website Mashable has announced its Australian launch and appointed’s Jen Ryall as Mashable Australia’s editor. Ryall spoke to Walkley Foundation intern, Carmen Juarez, for the Walkley Magazine.

For nine years Mashable has shared tech and social media news, information and resources with a worldwide audience – now it’s time for an Australian spin.

The site, founded as a startup by Pete Cashmore, has engaged Australia’s Inception Digital for their advertising and poached former Yahoo!7 news editor and multimedia editor Jen Ryall as editor for their Australian presence.

A follower of Mashable since her early days in online news, Ryall says the site “is the type of company I’ve always hoped to be a part of so I’m stoked to be bringing it to Australia at a time the media market is getting very interesting”. She spoke to Walkley Magazine about her new role.

What are your thoughts on Mashable’s Australian launch?

We have one of the hungriest online news audiences in the world and Mashable is about giving the audience what they want, where they want it. Trends show you and your friends aren’t going to homepages like you used to. People have minimal time and want the news to come to them. This means news will be more commonly consumed through social channels via your brother, friend’s dog, best mate in Tokyo sharing it with you rather than you seeking it out. Viral is no longer an overused buzzword, viral is how you consume content.

Technology allows us to know what you are reading and what you want to read next, without using guesswork – this is something I am excited about and will be a big part of my focus at Mashable Australia. By taking advantage of the way we are all are consuming and sharing news, the potential for growth using social channels in Australia is huge.

Viral is no longer an overused buzzword, viral is how you consume content.

What opportunities do you expect this to create/what advantage is there in having a local offering of the site?

It will be about the television shows you are watching, that ridiculous thing everyone is talking about at the pub, the politicians you know and hate, the latest tech release in the market you care about. Get ready for the Mashable content you have come to love with an Australian twist.

What are your plans in leading Mashable’s Australian content and what sort of work will Mashable Australia be producing?

Social news is a market not many major Australian sites are taking full advantage of. Mashable Australia will give the audience the news where they consume it. Your social feeds, not our homepage feed, will be the focus. From Facebook through to Twitter and around the watercooler, we are about your conversation, not ours.

We will be providing a mix of content using the same vertical base as the US site, yet Mashable Australia will have the news and interests you are talking about. Localised verticals will include: Watercooler, lifestyle, news, tech, social, business – with an underlying focus on viral content.

Mashable Australia editor Jen Ryall

Mashable Australia editor Jen Ryall

What are Mashable’s plans for staffing – will there be jobs up for grabs?

We are looking to grow our Aussie offering over the next 18 months – with a local website launch planned for later this year. As things grow, we’ll be on the hunt for digital guns who thrive working in an exciting, passion-driven environment. Storytellers, news obsessives, trend hunters, digital disruptors – these are the people who will make Mashable Australia succeed.

Mashable will join a series of global online brands who have entered the Australian market over the past 12 months, including The Guardian, Buzzfeed and the Mail Online.

Carmen Juarez is currently interning at the Walkley Foundation, after completing her Journalism (Honours) thesis at QUT. Twitter: @CarmenJuarez