Media Talk: Boomers, bubbles, China, and the Australian home ownership dream

Everyone wants to know about property — and everyone has an opinion about it, too.
So what happens when you put Dallas Rogers, an urban studies academic (University of Western Sydney), Charles Pittar, the CEO of international real-estate company (, and two business journalists, Su-Lin Tan (Australian Financial Review) and Ricardo Goncalves (SBS) on a panel to discuss media reporting on the housing market? A robust discussion that touches on politics, racism, class and aspiration. Here’s my short version, via Twitter, of last week’s Walkley Media Talk, “Boomers, bubbles, China, and the Australian home ownership dream”, presented in conjunction with Asia Society Australia and hosted by the State Library of New South Wales.

Above: Ricardo Goncalves, Su-Lin Tan, Charles Pittar and Dallas Rogers. Photo: Kate Golden.

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— Eliza Berlage, Walkley program and communications coordinator