News neglects marketing at its peril

Kevin Davis is the CEO and executive director of Investigative News Network and one of the international stars you can catch at this year’s Storyology festival. Last month he wrote in about the need for journalists to “become as well versed and practiced in the art of content activation as in the craft of journalism”.

He offers the following tips to journalists:

– Figure out who should be reading this piece of content, where they are online and what they are saying about the subject.

– Share your piece on all the social media platforms where your target audience frequents.

– Actually interact with your target network and connections. Don’t just talk at them.

– Proactively curate a team of social media “ambassadors” – socially connected experts and aficionados — for the topic you are writing about who can help you promote and distribute your piece.

– Tweet, tweet and then tweet again. Vary your language, don’t just retweet or ICYMI. Vary the time of day, and count retweets and favorites to determine best times for future tweets.

– Add your article’s link to your email signature and away message and send your piece to any lists of which you’re a part (a recommendation by The Huffington Post to all of its bloggers).

Read his article in full here: News Neglects Marketing at its Peril