Our best to Laurie Oakes on news of his retirement

Laurie Oakes is one of Australia’s finest journalists — he’s whip-smart, wise, and suffers no fools. He has served the public tirelessly and vigorously advocated for press freedom. Among his many accolades are the 1998 Walkley for Journalistic Leadership and the 2010 Gold Walkley. After close to 50 years in the business, he certainly deserves a bit of time off.

Freelancer Peter Sheehan depicted the All-Seeing Oakes for the cover of the Summer 2000 Walkley Magazine.

We’re also grateful for Laurie’s years of service to the Walkley Foundation. He chaired the Walkley Advisory Board, which chooses the final Walkley Award winners, and was until recently a trustee of the foundation. Laurie was instrumental in many of the Walkleys’ successes over the years and put in countless hours — whether representing the foundation at events, leading the board through tricky judging decisions, or most recently, helping attain recognition for the Walkleys on the Register of Cultural Organisations.

Laurie has made an outstanding contribution to the Walkleys and journalism, and we wish him well.

Laurie Oakes’ Walkley wins for his work at the Nine Network:

1998Journalistic Leadership
2001Television News ReportingThe Stone Memo
2010Television News ReportingLabor Leaks
2010Gold WalkleyLabor Leaks

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