Podcast: How the Internet of Things will change the news business

“You’re not allowed to be ignorant anymore. You’ve got to understand that you are effectively connecting a device to the web, and therefore it’s open to anyone else who is on the web.”

— Stuart Waite

What happens to the news business when everything around us is connected and sending data to the cloud? We managed to find someone straddling both the news and the new Internet of Things to give us a super smart, fun tour of that landscape, ranging from what new stories are emerging for journalists to what everyone should do to protect their own information. Stuart Waite, ex-News Corp. executive and current startup investor/consultant and digital transformation expert had a conversation at our Future Friday event in Sydney recently with Michael Janda, senior digital business reporter at the Australian Broadcasting Corp. and a Walkley Trustee.

Michael Janda, Stuart Waite and Alexa. Eliza Berlage/The Walkley Foundation

Michael Janda, Stuart Waite and Alexa. Eliza Berlage/The Walkley Foundation

If you want to learn more, read Waite’s piece in the Walkley Magazine on all this: Enter the Internet of Things: And we thought the news was disrupted before

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The WalkleyTalks podcast is produced by Kate Golden at the 2SER studios in Sydney, Australia, and this episode was edited by Ninah Kopel. Music is “Puzzle Pieces” by Lee Rosevere.

Bee photo above: A European honey bee fitted with an electronic tag the size of a piece of glitter. Part of photographer Marc McCormack’s winning entry for the 2016 Nikon-Walkley Community/Regional Photography Prize: see the rest at walkleys.com/2016photofinalists.