Podcast playlist: Our favorite listens from Storyology 2016 speakers

Podcast addict? Constantly running out of good shows?

We have that problem too.

Here’s a few favorites we dug up featuring speakers at Storyology. Which by the way is in two weeks, Aug 10-13 — do you have your ticket?

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Gerard Ryle

Three from WNYC’s On the Media covering the Panama Papers: how it happened, and what it was like for reporters who had to keep quiet for months about it.

Gerard Ryle at Storyology

Kara Swisher

One from Recode Decode of Kara Swisher interviewing Kim Kardashian: “You may know me as the person who has to put the internet back together when Kim Kardashian breaks it, but in my spare time I talk tech.”

Kara Swisher at Storyology

Dan Box

Listen to the first episode of Dan Box’s gripping Bowraville podcast for The Australian.

Dan Box at Storyology

The Party Room

Patricia Karvelas and Fran Kelly discuss the talkback issues around the country The Party Room.

Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas at Storyology

Two Grumpy Hacks

In the latest episode of Two Grumpy Hacks Dennis Atkins and Malcolm Farr discuss the fallout from the latest ministerial shuffle.

Dennis Atkins and Malcolm Farr at Storyology

Judith Whelan

One from Media Week, in which Whelan talks about the legacy and challenges of a daily newspaper. “Every single media organisation in the world is having to transform itself. That transformation inevitably means that new jobs will emerge and jobs, which have been around for a long time, might disappear.”

Judith Whelan at Storyology

Edmund Tadros

Edmund Tadros in a Fourth Estate discussion about how data journalism is offering new opportunities for storytelling. “Programmers would easily manipulate large sets of data but they didn’t know what to do with it. And I would look at them doing this and think, there’s a story here.”

Edmund Tadros at Storyology

Heidi Blake

On Beyond the Pitch, Blake talks about the Qatari Plot to Buy The World Cup: “It was overwhelming. But it was also like being given the keys to the world’s biggest sweet shop, because it was just kind of such a treasure trove of extraordinary documents … which as a journalist is a dream come true.”

Heidi Blake at Storyology

Peter Greste

For Amnesty International’s In their Own Words, Greste talks about press freedom and his experience of being held in prison in Egypt.

Peter Greste at Storyology

Allan Clarke

One from media panel show Fourth Estate where Clarke discusses how Aboriginal media is redefining the narrative: “Those rounds are normally sort of niche and periphery…it’s such a shame that it takes an international company to come here and invest in our stories…”

Allan Clarke at Storyology

Yassmin Abdel-Mageid

In Conversation with Richard Fiedler, Abdel-Mageid talks about her unapologetically big life: “How many stories of young muslim people or young muslim women, that you’ve heard of come from themselves?…I grew up in Brisbane never seeing anyone who reflected my experience…one of the big drivers for me was that this was a story that exists…”

Yassmin Abdel-Mageid at Storyology

Paul Farrell

On Behind the Lines Farrell talks about the ‘surprising and disturbing’ police investigation of his work: “I had lodged a complaint with the privacy commissioner in order to try and work out a little bit more about the extent of the surveillance on me and potentially my sources, and through a somewhat strange series of events, the AFP wrote some submissions to oppose releasing some of that information to me…So good job, guys.”

Paul Farrell at Storyology


The first episode of a new podcast in which Storyful journos discuss how social media has changed news.

David Clinch and Stephanie Hunt at Storyology

Holly Wainwright

On this episode of I don’t know how she does it (Mamamia podcast network), Wainwright speaks to Rebecca Judd. “It’s the show for you if you’ve ever looked at someone else, at the school gate or maybe on your TV, and thought, ‘How the hell does she do all that?’”

Holly Wainwright at Storyology

Tim Duggan

On 2ser’s Old New Borrowed Blue, Duggan picks some tunes and talks excitedly about new media. “It’s quite an exciting time to be in media. The whole media landscape just changes weekly and I think, within a year what we do will completely change…and that’s the exciting part.”

Tim Duggan at Storyology