Storyful’s Áine Kerr to journalists: Don’t be intimidated by social media

Áine Kerr is the managing editor of Storyful, a company that she describes as helping newsrooms find the signal in all the social media noise — it’s “the honest broker between the world’s newsrooms and people who are eyewitnesses uploading this incredible content,” she says.

We loved her advice for mainstream journos, from this conversation with Richard Aedy that aired last night on Radio National:

“Don’t be intimidated by social. A video, a post, an image is still only a piece of information, and what you have to do to that is journalism. And as we all know journalism is about context. It’s about adding layers and layers of data, of narrative, of understanding, of perspective.”

Check out her interview for a fascinating glimpse into how Storyful’s team of coders and journalist suss out content worth sharing, find the the people who made it, verify its authenticity and distribute it to newsrooms across the globe.

Kerr and Aedy will both be speaking at Storyology this month — get your ticket now to meet them in person.

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