Storyology Speaker Guide – Audio Visual

Thank you for being part of Storyology 2014!

All audio-visual files and any Powerpoint or similar presentations must be recieved by fileshare, USB, hard-drive or email by 20 November 2014.

If you have audio-visual files that you would like to incorporate into your presentation, please follow the guidelines below.

Please allow additional time for the conversion of any video or audio files.

We require submission of any audio-visual files in DCP format:

We request DCP files to be delivered on a hard- drive, shared online file or USB stick by 20 November 2014.

If you are not able to supply your files in this format, please contact Jan Sinclair – ASAP for assistance.
  • DCP stands for Digital Cinema Package. These packages consist of an image file (JPEG-2000), soundfile (Linear PCM) and a playlist file (.XML), which are converted into separate .MXF files (containers) that can be read by our servers.
  • There are various production companies that can convert your video file (of any format) into such format, that upon request we can recommend. Other avenues available are various software packages that will convert your digital files for you.
  • One such software option is called OPEN-DCP, which is a free open source software package, widely available to the public.
  • For best audio results please master in 6 track (5.1) depending on your source audio, 2-track is also available, and mastered at 48kHz. If you are using Final Cut to edit your media, you can install plug-in software for a fee, that will convert your movie into a DCP. Other software packages are available to convert any video file into a DCP.


At the Storyology venue, our digital advertising/feature servers are the Doremi DCP-2000, DCP-2K4 and
  • It is run through Barco DP2K series and Christie CP2000-2220 series digital projectors.
  • This is a HD 1080p (2048 x 1080) resolution projector.
  • They are capable of outputting high quality DCI compliant JPEG-2000 files mixed in a .MXF package format, up to 250Mbits/sec, through a HD-SDI output or an integrated media block (IMB) through PCI-Express cable at 12 bit 4:4:4 ratio.
When supplying DCP files make sure it is formatted for the NTFS (NT File System) or EXT3 file systems. Drives formatted on a Journaled file system on Apple Mac’s are not able to mount on our servers.