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Thanks to the generous support of  The Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, we are able to offer 20 scholarships to journalists across the Storyology and Freelance Focus programs.

This is a fantastic opportunity to secure full fee relief and be able to participate in this outstanding learning and professional development opportunity.

Storyology and Freelance Focus scholarship applications closed on October 30. 

We are delighted to announce our lucky recipients:

Freelance Focus Scholarship

Viola Calvert
Nina Hendy
James Howe
Alexa McLaughlin
Kyla Woods

Storyology Scholarships

Kyla Woods
Violi Calvert
Kristy O’Brien
Amanda Gearing
Jessica Longbottom
Virginia Tapp
Sam Wallman
Stephanie Anderson
Maha OBeid
Jo O’Dowd
Thuy Ong
Tim Richards
Rosanna Ryan
Michael Smith
Anna Strempel

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