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At Storyology 2014, you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from the best and brightest in the business.

Our intimate masterclass and workshop sessions have limited space so to secure your spot. 

Click below to book your space in these sessions after booking your Storyology tickets. 

Be sure to pay attention to any additional requirements for your workshops of choice.

If your session of choice is full, email and we will see if we are able to assist.


Monday December 1 – Innovation Focus

12.30PM – 1.30PM: Newsroom in your pocket

Newsroom in your pocket: Apps and hacks to make your trusty mobile phone into a news-gathering machine (Seamus Byrne)


12.30PM – 1.30PM: Storytelling by design

Design thinking for journalism theory and practice. Aela Callan. 


2.00PM – 3.30PM: Pitching workshop

From concept to the slick script that will make investors sit up and take notice.


2.00PM – 3.30PM: Think Like A Boss

Learn the Lean Startup framework. Strategies to get your business off the ground. With Harry Palmer, CEO, Alive


2.40PM – 3.40PM: Harnessing chaos

Adventures in working with audiences: the opportunities and challenges of harnessing your community and user-generated content. Janine Googan and Ian Walker, ABC Open


4.30PM – 6.00PM: How to talk in code

Learn the basic principles and jargon of the world of web development and code, so you can talk the talk with the developers bringing your concept to life. Jack Watson-Hamblin, General Assembly Presented by General Assembly 90 MINUTES


December 2 – Freelance Focus

9.40AM – 10.35AM: The blog slog

It’s equal parts art, science and stamina. All you need to know about getting started, beating burnout and maintaining momentum. With Kim Berry, the blogger behind


9.40AM – 10.35AM: Investigative journalism skills

Top investigative journalists share their tips and tricks for getting big scoops. Learn time-tested techniques and strategies for finding stories and dealing with sources, plus some online tools you can use to strengthen your reporting. With Debra Jopson and Clare Blumer


10.45AM – 11.50AM: Write tight for TV and radio

Adapt your writing skills for broadcast, online and video. Find a voice that works when every second counts. With Aela Callan


10.45AM – 12.45PM: Scrivener 101   

Learn how to use this powerful software package, guaranteed to make freelance life easier, with Claire Scobie. *BYO laptop with Scrivener already downloaded. It’s available on a free 30 day trial.


12.00PM – 1.00PM: DIY radio doco

What kinds of stories make good radio documentaries? Learn how to structure an audio piece – and where to pitch it.*BYO story ideas Gretchen Miller


12.00PM – 1.00PM: Social media for storytelling

What if you could build a longform narrative, 140 characters at a time? Femi Oke (US) *BYO laptop/tablet and social media accounts


1.30PM – 3.00PM: Turn your passion into productivity and profit

Explore revenue streams you can create beyond traditional freelance writing (including corporate writing and speaking gigs). Work more productively and efficiently, not harder. Valerie Khoo Allison Tait

90 MINUTES starting at 1.30. Bring your lunch


2.00PM – 3.00PM: Creative Thinking: Your career edge

Look at your storytelling skills through a new lens and generate fresh ideas about how to leverage your strengths in a changing market. A practical session, full of tips and tools on how to reinvent your working life… and have some fun along the way! Joanna Maxwell


3.10PM – 5.00PM: WORKSHOP – Aron Pilhofer

WORKSHOP Guardian digital guru Aron Pilhofer shares what we’ve learnt about how audiences interact with content and how you can access easy to use online tools to turn your story into a multimedia showstopper. 2 HOURS


4.10PM – 6.00PM:  Data journalism boot camp intensive

Dive into the basics of crunching data for journalism. Learn basic methods to delve into a dataset and tease apart story angles, with tips for how to safely handle data in a news story. Then learn how to express that data with graphs and visualisation tools like DataWrapper. Edmund Tadros Nick Evershed Stephen Hutcheon

2 HOURS *BYO computer *Basic Excel knowledge recommended *Google account required.


5.00PM – 6.00PM: Just wanna have funds

How can you think more creatively about revenue streams and funding sources for your work? What value lies in collaborations? Learn who to reach out to and how to structure agreements. Kevin Davis (US)

Wednesday December 3 – Main Program

10.10AM – 11.00AM: Power shots

An introduction to creating powerful short digital stories and mini docos. Tom McKendrick


10.10AM – 11.00AM: Audio meets visual

Learn from case studies and discuss the best editing tools, field recording tips and diplomatic tactics for making beautiful collaborative multimedia pieces. Belinda Lopez & Benjamin Ball


12.10PM – 1.20PM: Film funding and distribution

Disrupting the traditional models to make the most of a hungry audience. Enzo Tedeschi


12.10PM – 1.20PM: Video structure and editing intensive

A hands-on class where you’ll shoot and edit a brief video project. Tom McKendrick


11.10AM – 12.00PM: Story-Bored

Finding alternative, data-driven ways to report the news – and keep your audience on its toes. With Emily Ramshaw (US)


2.15PM – 3.00PM – LinkedIn for Journalists

Tips and strategies to use LinkedIn as a tool for your business and personal brand. How to build connections and thought leadership, and share your voice. With Catriona Pollard.


4.35PM – 5.25PM: Your social media toolbox

What do audiences want now? How are traditional outlets using stats and social media to reframe their work? John Bergin


Thursday December 4 – Main Program

9.50AM – 10.45AM: Web series

Untapped storytelling potential for journalists. Web series might be commonly associated fictional works, but the cross- fertilisation of ideas and practices has unique potential for storytelling and audience engagement. Steinar Ellingsen


12.00PM – 1.00PM: Twitter best practice for journalists

Tools and tips for journalists to get the best out of Twitter and enhance reporting with rich content, including analytics, research with filters, tweetdeck, data visualisation tools, vine for news, and photos. With Flip Prior, Twitter Australia


12.00PM – 2.00PM: The narrative toolkit

Drill down on the skills of constructing story. How to select characters, events, and point of view; choose the voice to connect author to readers; sequence scenes from different times and places. Matthew Ricketson 2 HOURS


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