Belinda Lopez


Hi, what’s your name?

Hi there. I’m Belinda Lopez

Where do you hail from?

Sydney, along with a few other places I’ve known and loved overseas.

Who do you work for?

Right now I’m working with the ABC on an exciting multimedia/ multiplatform project that explores our very recent war history- I’ll say more at the workshop I’m hosting!

Tell us a bit about you – how did you get to where you are today?

I’m a writer and audio documentary maker, but I’ve also worked as a producer, an executive producer, a reporter, a sub editor, and sometimes all those things rolled into one. I decided to go freelance about a year and a half ago- before that I’ve nearly always worked with news organisations on staff, both here in Sydney and overseas.

What are your career highlights?

So many- I’ve been so lucky. Producing work in Australia, Indonesia, Europe and South America, and meeting the often incredible people and communities who told me their stories. Winning a few prizes for those stories doesn’t hurt the ego either.

Who or what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

Last year I wrote something a bit loftier, this year I’ll just be straight with you: my love/hate relationship with coffee.

Which other storytellers do you admire?

Maria Popova from Brainpickings, a curator/fossicker of cultural goodies. She makes public what I think many of us do privately- collect beautiful, inspiring snippets from everywhere to inform work and life.  Werner Herzog for always seeking to present “those sparks of illumination” in his films. I used to work on a human rights storytelling program created by Radio Netherlands Worldwide called The State We’re In. Greg Kelly was my editor, and he had an enormous impact on me as a storyteller- he’s now at the CBC.  Too many others.

What do you plan to share at Storyology?

I’ll continue the conversation about how storytellers from different mediums can work together to tell challenging, compelling stories- without getting in each other’s way too much. As a writer and audio producer, I’m fascinated by photographers and archivists, and how we can collaborate to produce work greater than the sum of its parts.

Where can we find you?


Twitter:  @belle_lopez