Catriona Pollard

Catriona Pollard

Catriona Pollard has first-hand experience in moving from unknown to expert. She started her business with nothing (not even a computer) in her sunroom. She had to figure out how she could become a well-recognised expert in PR to drive sales for her fledgling business. Her transformation to an international speaker, popular media commentator and leader of a highly successful Agency has been captured in her book, From Unknown To Expert, Catriona is the founder and director of CP Communications—one of Australia’s most respected and innovative PR and social media agencies. She works with world-leading brands as well as up-and-coming organisations, and is regularly featured across the media landscape.

She is passionate about social media, public relations, business and bringing them all together to create real, financial success for entrepreneurs and organisations.

Where do you hail from?


Who do you work for?

I’m the Managing Director of CP Communications.

Tell us a bit about you – how did you get to where you are today?

I founded CP Communications in 2001 after working in federal and state government as well as in-house and agency PR roles. I have over 20 years of experience in developing public relations and social media strategies that engage both consumers and businesses. I have developed and implemented strategies for world leading brands as well as up-and-coming organisations including Hilton Australasia, Macquarie University, LEGO and City of Sydney.

A few years ago I made the decision to step out from the shadows and made the clear decision to start building my profile as an expert and thought leader. This involved me saying yes to more opportunities, including speaking and media interviews. It took a few years but now I’m widely known as a PR and social media expert, with regular columns in some of Australia’s most widely read business publications and also an international speaker.

What are your career highlights?

Creating a successful business and launching my first book, From Unknown To Expert

Who or what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

Sharing my knowledge as well as helping people to step into the spotlight and to tell their stories so they are seen as experts in their industry.

Which other storytellers do you admire?

Maya Angelou and Alice Munroe

What do you plan to share at Storyology?

LinkedIn for journalists

So much more than just a virtual resume and contacts list, LinkedIn has become a social platform where people are sharing knowledge and information, providing public commentary on issues and trends and shining the spotlight on peers, colleagues and business contacts.

Catriona will share tips and strategies to use LinkedIn effectively including building your personal brand, connections and sharing your voice.

She will also cover how to use it in your role as a journalist such as uncovering experts and sources as well as finding trending news.

From this presentation you will learn:

  • What makes a great LinkedIn personal page.
  • Secrets to share content that get’s likes and shares.
  • Building connections and connecting with the key people.
  • Uncovering experts and sources as well as finding trending news.

Where can we find you?



Twitter: @catrionapollard



Vimeo and/or YouTube:

Instagram: Catrionapollard