Fiona Harari

Fiona Harari

Fiona Harari is a journalist and television producer. Over 30 years, she has worked at The Age, Time (Australia) magazine, and The Australian and has also spent many periods freelancing. She has worked on television programs including Enough Rope and Elders, and is the author of A Tragedy in Two Acts: Marcus Einfeld and Teresa Brennan. She has most recently written for Good Weekend and The Monthly.


Hi, what’s your name?

Fiona Harari

Where do you hail from?

Melbourne (a long time ago), now Sydney

Who do you work for?

Good Weekend (as a freelancer)

Tell us a bit about you – how did you get to where you are today?

I have been a journalist since 1984: at The Age, Time (Australia), The Australian. I have also worked in television, on Enough Rope and Elders among other programs. And I have written a book, A Tragedy in Two Acts: Marcus Einfeld and Teresa Brennan. In between (and in the past few years) I have freelanced.

What are your career highlights?

Being named Freelance Journalist of the Year in 2013, several Walkley nominations, finishing my book.

Who or what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

Wondering what’s been happening while I slept

Where can we find you?

Mostly in print (I’m pretty old fashioned). Just Google me. Or pick up Good Weekend!