Ian Walker

Ian leads the editorial team at ABC Open, moderating, editing, collecting, curating, collaborating and crowdsourcing all manner of user generated content from people all across the country and distributing the best of it across all platforms of the ABC.  His background is as a TV and radio documentary maker and former newsreader on Triple J.


Hi, what’s your name?

Ian Walker

Where do you hail from?

Born in Bankstown.  Live in Bondi.

Who do you work for?  

ABC Open

Tell us a bit about you – how did you get to where you are today?

I started my media life as a newspaper journalist, became a stumbling newsreader at Triple J during the anarchic 80s, then went on to make radio documentaries for Radio National and then a tv documentary maker.  Have now made the switch to the multiplatform world, bringing together all the strands of my previous work life.

What are your career highlights?

Surviving reading the morning news at Triple J on New Years Day too many times and with too many chemical impediments while getting no complaint calls.  Later, surviving a documentary called I, Psychopath which set out to get a diagnosis for a corporate criminal.  I became a textbook victim.

Who or what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

These days, a slobbering 8 month old Lagotto puppy wanting a walk.  The challenge of finding, then sharing the best first-person stories from around Australia and being part of the ABC’s most exciting and forward-looking project.

Which other storytellers do you admire?

Werner Herzog’s documentaries.  Pretty much everything on This American Life and The Moth.

What do you plan to share at Storyology?

The chaos, challenges and occasional rewards of the world of user generated content.

Where can we find you?

Website/blog: open.abc.net.au

Twitter: @mrwalkerabcopen

Facebook: Ian Walker