Wendy Zukerman

Wendy Zukerman

Wendy Zukerman is a science journalist, regularly discussing science and technology on radio and TV. She is currently working at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Wendy has previously worked on ABC’s Catalyst and The Checkout. She was the Asia Pacific reporter for New Scientist Magazine, and appears on Channel 10′s The ProjectStudio 10 and The Feed. Wendy has also written for a variety of newspapers and publications including The Saturday Paper and Cosmos Magazine.


Hi, what’s your name?

Wendy Zukerman

Where do you hail from?

Living in Sydney, hailing from Melbourne

Who do you work for?

I’m a science journalist, currently producing for Radio National and writing for other places, such as The Saturday Paper.

Tell us a bit about you – how did you get to where you are today?

I finished a biomedical science/ law degree in Melbourne and was about to head into the corporate legal world when I decided to take a year off. I wanted to see if I could make a living from journalism – which had been “the dream” ever since I abandoned the idea of being Indiana Jones’ sidekick. I emailed Dr Karl to tell him that I loved what he did – bringing science to the people. The good Doctor invited me to the ABC, where I met the crew at Catalyst. They offered me an internship on the spot. Dominos soon fell, and within the year I moved to Sydney, became the Asia Pacific correspondent of New Scientist Magazine– and told the awaiting corporate law firm that I wouldn’t be available. Since then, I’ve returned to ABC’s Catalyst, worked on The Checkout and dived into life at Radio National.

What are your career highlights?

Getting critiqued by Andrew Bolt was a fun one. It was five years ago – and must have been a slow news day.

Who or what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

I love telling stories about science. It’s wonderful to see faces light up when they learn a discovery, or think about something they would otherwise never have been exposed to.

Which other storytellers do you admire?

Robyn Williams at Radio National is a classic. Science writer Ed Yong for his fun and pun-filled way of explaining science. And, Simon Singh for his lovely writing – and defending the law suit against the British Chiropractic Association.

What do you plan to share at Storyology?

At Storyology I’d like to inspire people to tell, and read, more science stories. In a media world of puffery and opinion, the facts which come from scientific discoveries are a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Where can we find you?

Website/blog: wendyzukerman.com

Twitter: @wendyzuk