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Storyology: Ideas Write Now! was staged in Sydney from August 6 to 9, 2013 as a practical response to the broad and rapid changes affecting the Australian media industry as digital innovation transforms the craft of journalism.

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Highlighting the new and exciting opportunities resulting from change, Storyology offered wide-ranging professional development designed to inspire an entrepreneurial outlook and drive adoption of new tools and

walkleys_storyology_2013_internsMore than 600 media and creative professionals participated in Storyology over four days.

Storyology was pitched as the creative summit for journalists, screen-writers, authors, satirists, entrepreneurs, multimedia specialists, documentary-makers, photographers, producers and bloggers.

Drawn mainly from Sydney and regional NSW, the event attracted delegates from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, the ACT, the Gold Coast, Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.   Over 120 speakers participated in Storyology with 14 of those being from overseas countries; USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea.

Major media organisations including the ABC, BBC, Fairfax, News Corp, The Guardian and AAP officially partnered with Storyology to reflect the industry’s growing convergence and interest in the “storytelling” theme.

Storyology attracted university journalism lecturers/professors, writers, editors, communications consultants, content directors and marketers, creative/digital producers, union organisers and campaign directors, documentary film-makers, media advisers, photojournalists, designers, performers and students.

Attendees ranged from students and “novice storytellers” to journalists and communications professionals with decades of experience.

Over three days of Storyology (August 6 to 8), sessions from the live auditorium were live-streamed, reaching an audience of thousands in up to 20 countries. Just under 2200 people tuned in over the webcast from around Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, Spain, and Portugal.

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Storyology Freelance Focus

The Walkley Foundation developed Storyology Freelance Focus to deliver everything Australia’s diverse and growing freelance community needs to know to build and maintain successful small businesses that thrive in the increasingly competitive digital environment.

Held in association with Storyology ( and drawing on its international talent, this popular annual professional development event explores new tools of the trade for freelancers, how to monetise online content, storytelling techniques, new publishing outlets, pitching to editors and practical advice about law and copyright issues.

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“Storyology was like a four day brainstorming session for me, with some of the smartest and most creative, motivated and well-connected people I could have ever put together.  I left with many ideas stirring in my head. I also left feeling incredibly encouraged and motivated, thanks to the positive and practical feedback I got from many of the people I met” – Lynette Hoffman