Storyology Videos

Why the world is flat, and full of compelling stories.

Al Anstey, managing director, Al-Jazeera English

Living the story.

Lyse Doucet, chief international correspondent, BBC World News

Crafting Story – What makes a great story, and how can you coax the best from your writers?

Leigh Sales, presenter, ABC 7.30
Fenella Souter, Marie Claire
Richard Guilliat, The Australian
Kathy Bail, UNSW Publishing
Manu Joseph, novelist and editor of OPEN magazine

Democracy – It’s a dirty business (but someone’s got to do it)

Liz Jackson, Four Corners ABC
Annabel Crabb, presenter, Kitchen Cabinet, ABC TV
Rick McPhee, producer, CJZ
Shoma Chaudhury, managing editor, Tehelka magazine
Pravit Rojanaprhuk, The Natione

BUZZFEED – Storytelling that readers want to share.

Jack Shepherd, editorial director, BuzzFeed

The power of story.

Sarah Ferguson, reporter, Four Corners

A Foreign Affair.

Bob Carr, Former Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs
Peter Hartcher, political editor and foreign correspondent, The Sydney Morning Herald

Building a team for interactive storytelling.

Gabriel Dance, interactive editor, Guardian US

Beneath The Surface.

Peter Lloyd, ABC
Manu Joseph, editor, OPEN Magazine
MJ Akbar journalist and author
Chiranuch Premchaiporn, director,

Asia – Eyes on the 21ST Century.

Anjali Rao, SBS Dateline
Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation
Shoma Chaudhury, managing editor, Tehelka magazine
Choe Sang-Hun, The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize-winner
Steven Gan, editor, Malaysiakini

Rethinking the story paradigm.

Joe Hildebrand, journalist and blogger
Emily Craven, author
Chris Wirasinha, Pedestrian TV
Belinda Hawkins, author
Kirk Docker, Vive Cool City
Sam Doust, ABC Innovations
Chewie Chan, storyboard artist
Jeremy Huffington,Free Speech Corporation

Story wrangling – what makes content go viral?

David Higgins, social media marketing manager, Foxtel
Hal Crawford, editor-in-chief, ninemsn, co-author of Share Wars
Mary Hamilton, audience development editor, Guardian Australia
Jack Shepherd, editorial director, BuzzFeed
Mia Garlick, manager, communications and policy, Facebook

The new journalism ecosystem.

Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Public Integrity

Bold Experiments — media entrepreneurship in the digital era.

MODERATOR Philippa McDonald, ABC
Peter Fray, PolitiFact
How I lost a million bucks on a start-up, plus the joy of fact-checking as a future journalism model
Peter Lewis, EMC
Smart lessons learned from failure, a rare gift if you can get past the disappointment
Chris Wirasinha,
Pedestrian TV Rewriting the rules of how to run a publishing business

Inspiration- Getting the best out of your story.

Charles Firth, Newslab/Manic Times
Narrative: MJ Akbar, author and journalist
Engagement: Simon Crerar, News Corp Australia
Innovation: JP Marin, SBS Online
Visual storytelling: Rocco Fazzari, The Sydney Morning Herald & Denis Carnahan, singer/songwriter
Engagement: Rick McPhee, Producer SBS, Go Back to Where You Came From
Radio stories: Belinda Lopez, FBi
This city speaks: Darius Devas, Being Films
Blurring the lines: Lee Tulloch, novelist and journalist

Finding Your Personal Narrative.

Emily Craven, author of The E-book Revolution: The
ultimate guide to e-book success
Benjamin Law, journalist, author of The Family Law
Luke Ryan, freelance writer and comedian
Clementine Ford, Fairfax Media columnist