Storyology Freelance Focus – 2014


We’re working in an industry where the nexus of power has shifted from legacy institutions to startups, upstarts and independent operators. Today we map that landscape and its opportunities, to help you find your place and make it pay. And since you’ll be walking out of the Chauvel with a brand new toolbox of skills, that place might look entirely different than you can imagine right now.

Experts will be on hand to explain new funding methods for independent journalism, and to break down the world of brand journalism and native content to show where the opportunities are. Learn how to harness social media to build narratives, and get a crash course in data reporting.

This day will have a big practical focus on takeaway skills including investigative journalism techniques, research, book projects, data journalism, simple multimedia tools you can find online to “Snowfall-ise” a story and personal branding. We’ll showcase tech tools to make your life easier, and provide inspiration and tips for creative thinking to energise your work.


Key sessions include:
  • Beyond institutional journalism: panel discussion
  • Investigative journalism masterclass
  • New funding models
  • Creative thinking: your career edge
  • Scrivener masterclass
  • New outlets for making $$$
Key speakers include:

Tickets available now

For Media Alliance members, it costs just $336 (early bird rate until November 14) for four amazing days of training, professional development opportunities, inspiration, practical master classes, as well as a host of networking events.

Alternatively, you can attend the Freelance Focus program ONLY for the early bird rate of $152.

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There are 10 scholarships available, thanks to the support of Copyright Agency, to help freelancers attend this day.

Applications close October 30more details here.

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