Storyology 2015: Create, Innovate, Inspire!



Create. Innovate. Inspire.

Australia’s festival of media returns to Sydney — and beyond

In 2015, Storyology brought forth international storytellers, technology innovators and inspiring speakers from the world of television, print, film, radio, digital and social media. Get direct access to media thought leaders changing the way we work right now. See inspirational sessions by industry leaders, attend masterclasses in technical and craft knowledge, hear debates on contemporary issues.

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Relive the magic What happens at Storyology doesn’t stay at Storyology. Our student reporters distilled the best from the 2015 festival: read their blog to find out what happened. Or check #Storyology on Twitter.


Main conference: The Chauvel Cinema in Paddington, Sydney: Nov. 11-14, 2015

Storyology Presents: Events in Melbourne and Brisbane

Storyology can’t be contained in just one city! Check the conference schedule for our series of Storyology Presents events in November, including daylong nonfiction writing workshops and talks from international speakers Amy O’Leary and Jeremy Gilbert.

This year’s lineup of international speakers


Rishi Jaitly

Vice president of media partnerships, Twitter Asia-Pacific

Rishi Jaitly led Twitter’s news and government strategy for the Indian elections, and will share insights about the role social media is playing in emerging media markets. With photos, video and Periscope live-streaming, we’ve moved on past just 140 characters. Rishi talks about what these changes mean for how news is distributed and consumed, opportunities for journalists and storytellers, and how to curate when perspective matters just as much as content.

Luke Lewis

Executive editor, BuzzFeed UK

From Middle Class Problems to Newsnight scoops (via the Milifandom) BuzzFeed UK proved readers love humorous lists AND big news investigations. Luke Lewis, executive editor for BuzzFeed UK, will talk about finding the right voice and tone for BuzzFeed in the UK and across the globe. He’ll also speak to the similarities across the U.S., UK and Australia, as well as the differences – same language, different approaches – and reveal some of the things British people love to share.
Amy O'Leary

Amy O’Leary

Editorial director, Upworthy

Reading the readers: Putting data to work From The New York Times to Upworthy, Amy O’Leary shares what she’s learned about the power of data – how to embrace it to figure out your best storytelling strategy and find your widest possible audience.
Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert

Director of strategic initiatives, The Washington Post

Old dog, new tricks: The Washington Post’s marriage of storytelling and tech Legacy news must differentiate themselves. And great reporters need great tools. Gilbert shares how tech is reshaping the creation, consumption and distribution of stories at The Post — as well as the revenue possibilities.
Aine Kerr

Áine Kerr

Managing editor, Storyful

Lightbulb moment: Five lessons you can learn right now from Storyful When Áine Kerr saw big news stories playing out on social media rather than the prestigious newspapers that employed her, she jumped ship for the Dublin-based startup Storyful. There she’s had the full startup experience – from being unable to replace the lightbulbs to having more than 90 staff globally. In pursuit of new revenue streams, Áine led Storyful’s expansion into viral video. She’ll talk about what media companies can learn about sustainability from Storyful’s growth story, and about journalists’ role in the business side in the new media economy.
Dan Archer

Dan Archer

Independent graphic journalist

Building a world: Immersive visual storytelling Dan Archer is a graphic journalist who recently created a virtual and interactive recreation of the scene of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri – made up of 3D simulations and web comics. From that Oculus Rift-driven virtual space to his more analogue live-sketched interviews, Dan is creating a new form of journalism. He’ll talk about how his experiments could creep into newsrooms, and what skills journalists creating this kind of work will need.

Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts

Executive editor and chief content officer, Mashable

Keep the change: The power of embracing disruption From an enviable background in legacy media, Jim Roberts now considers himself lucky to be experimenting in a purely digital environment with Mashable. He’ll talk about embracing change in life and in publishing, and how a spirit of experimentation – testing, measuring, iteration, interpreting audience – can make us better storytellers in the modern age.

What people said about Storyology 2014:

“With so many media professionals wringing their hands about the future of journalism and story telling many of the speakers spent the time re-framing crises as opportunities.” Sam Wallman

“Every now and then we need a reminder about why we do what we do. A little flash of inspiration to reignite that passion for journalism.” Jessica Longbottom

“One of the highlights was not only being able to hear an amazing array of national and international speakers but also being able to meet and talk with some of them personally.” Jo O’Dowd

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