Storyology 2015: Storyology Plus Workshops


Learn from the masters! An unmissable opportunity to go deep on practical skills with the stars of Storyology in an intimate classroom setting. Enhance your Storyology experience with intensive, intimate and practical workshops. Available with a Storyology Plus Pass: Book now.

Location: The Old Bakery, Redfern, NSW

245 Chalmers St.
Redfern, NSW 2019



Storyboarding and sketching

Dan Archer, Empathetic Media

1.00pm-4.00pm Saturday, Nov. 14

Draw out your inner visual storyteller with an intensive workshop with Dan Archer. Over 3.5 hours, Dan will take 15 students through his creative process and share tips on how to approach non-linear and visual storytelling, including storyboarding, the rudiments of sketching and tips for rapid visualisation. Even if you think you can’t draw, you’ll walk away with a sense of how to capture a visual moment. Drawing can help editors envision story packages or websites, and it can help reporters to frame a narrative or communicate better with editors. Click here to purchase tickets now – also available as part of a Storyology Plus PassThis session has now sold out.


SOLD OUT Deep dive: Harnessing data & narrative techniques for digital storytelling

Amy O’Leary, Upworthy

9.00am-12.30pm Wednesday, Nov. 11

Amy is leading the way on how journalists can use data and digital technology to tell stories better, and to more people – think “attention minutes”, not empty clicks. Amy will share insights from the frontline of digital innovation, with applications from individual projects to the very way we build media businesses. This session has now sold out.


Verification & user-generated content

Aine Kerr and Neil Varcoe, Storyful

1.30pm-3.30pm Wednesday, Nov. 11

Learn strategies and tools for verifying eyewitness and citizen accounts online, with the team from the world’s first social media agency, Storyful. Click here to purchase tickets now – also available as part of a Storyology Plus Pass.


SOLD OUT Digital investigative skills

Paul Farrell & Nick Evershed, Guardian Australia

4.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday, Nov. 11

Two star investigative reporters will share a range of different case studies from their work. Paul and Nick will take you through their use of data sets and FOI to build visualisations, and explain the different methodologies they used to build the investigations. This session has now sold out.


SOLD OUT Cracking code & interactive storytelling

Jeremy Gilbert, Washington Post

9.00am-12:30pm Saturday, Nov. 14

A three-hour workshop to introduce you to coding for the web. Participants will walk away being be able to set up their own website and post an interactive story, and will get resources for learning more. Click here to purchase tickets now – also available as part of a Storyology Plus PassThis session has now sold out.