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This Was Storyology 2016

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“If I’d sat down and made a wish list of everyone in the industry I wanted to hear at Storyology – it was the programme that was … I will walk if I have to be there next year because the experience was invaluable.”

— Yvette Aubusson-Foley, director, YAF Media and editor, Dubbo Weekender

“Felt like a collaboration and a coming together of Aussie media minds.”

— Stephanie Hunt, Australia editor, Storyful

“This program deepened my understanding of journalism and the world.”

— William Martin, production manager and news director, Podzooker

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Breaking news — to fix our industry’s future From our CEO Jacqui Park
Candid Cartoonists: Fiona Katauskas and the coming mediageddon
A Q&A with David Clinch, Global News Editor, Storyful

Here’s how our speakers introduced themselves in six words or less:


Highlighted speakers

Gerard Ryle

Gerard Ryle (US)

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Ryle coordinated nearly 400 reporters in 76 newsrooms to cover the biggest document leak ever in the Panama Papers project, which laid bare a system of offshore tax havens that enables crime, corruption and wrongdoing around the world. Ryle, an Australian citizen, previously worked for Fairfax Media for over 20 years and has won five Walkleys. Read: Ford Foundation Barbara Raab’s Q&A with Ryle

Blake, Heidi-std

Heidi Blake

BuzzFeed News UK

Coauthor of the Tennis Racket, a collaboration with the BBC combining sophisticated data analysis and old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting that exposed evidence of match-fixing at elite levels, kept secret for years by tennis officials. Read: The Tennis Racket

Clinch, David-std

David Clinch


At CNN, Clinch pioneered the use of social media to gather international news. Now he’s global news editor at one of the world’s most innovative media companies. Storyful sources social content for news organisations, verifies it, gets permission for it and manages the rights for billions of views on video platforms. Read: the addictive @DavidClinchNews Twitter feed

Abdel-magied, Yassmin-std

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Author and activist

Abdel-Magied, a mechanical engineer who works at a mine, has become a voice for young people and diversity in Australia. Read: Yassmin’s Story and watch Why write a memoir at 24?

Attalah, Lina-std

Lina Attalah(Egypt)

Mada Masr

When her Cairo newspaper shut down, Attalah started a new digital outlet, Mada Masr, that’s shaken up Egyptian media and is collectively owned by 23 founding journalists. Now she’s giving young journalists jobs and training — while continuing to tell the stories that need to be told. Read: The news website that’s keeping press freedom alive in Egypt

Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas


Katauskas is one of Australia’s finest political cartoonists, an astute commentator, and author of a very funny children’s book. Read: Eggstraordinary! Cartoonist Katauskas illustrates baby-making for kids



Thanks to the generous support of  The Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, we are offering five scholarships to Storyology 2016 for journalists living and working outside the Sydney metropolitan region.

This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in an outstanding learning and professional development opportunity.

The scholarship, valued at $500, gives access to all of the main program sessions and social events on August 10-12. It doesn’t include individually ticketed workshops.

To apply for a Storyology scholarship, email your full name, email, phone number, address, and a 200-word statement explaining how the scholarship would benefit you. Applications closed on July 13, 2016.

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Sponsors suite July 2016

The appearance of Lina Attalah is supported by the Commonwealth through the Council for Australian-Arab Relations, which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Daniela Pinheiro appears with the support of the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.