We’re seeking pitches for Storyology 2016

Are you pushing the boundaries of storytelling or models for journalism?

Here at the Walkley Foundation for Journalism, we’re on the lookout for Australian and international participants for our two-day festival of ideas, innovation and storytelling: Storyology, in Sydney from August 10-12, 2016. The deadline for pitches is March 30, 2016.

At Storyology we draw out the latest and greatest in storytelling from around the world. Journalism is at the heart of our discussion. But we also want to learn from other disciplines, including literature, visual art, music, film, performance, data science and tech. Our mission is to create, innovate and inspire — so as well as case studies on brilliant storytelling, we also explore the trends and technology driving our industry and the way we work now. What are the new models for making, distributing and funding great journalism and stories? What are the skills, tools and ideas we need to work better, reach more people, and make a living?

So come one come all: journalists, authors, comic artists, screenwriters, multimedia producers, filmmakers, photographers, podcasters, narrative songwriters, entrepreneurs, data nerds, activists, dreamers and firebrands.

Storyology 2015 attracted more than 600 media professionals and storytellers; thousands more played along at home with our Storyology blog and social media stream. They want to know how to use the newest (and the oldest) tools to reach global audiences and find new niches for their work.

We need bold, engaging and diverse voices from across the storytelling and media spectrum. People who are passionate about transforming the way we tell stories and reach audiences, including topics like:

  • How to report and publish with video, streaming and messaging apps
  • Virtual reality, immersive storytelling and the new empathy
  • What social media did next: Discovery and how it’s driving platform revolution
  • Data-driven stories and business decisions – from visualisation to audience profiling
  • Fail fast – case studies on what newsrooms can learn from startups
  • Making a Making a Murderer: Long-form narrative in books, film/TV and audio
  • Built to binge: What makes an addictive story?
  • Assessing the impact of your stories
  • Data visualization as a reporting tool – practical session
  • 50 free tools for your newsroom – rapid-fire intros to what’s out there
  • Ethics and media law updates

We’re tweaking the session formats this year. We’ll still have the tried-and-true panels, conversations and workshops. But we’re adding lightning talks — five minutes, perfect for one big idea or showcasing an interesting new project. And we’re also looking at facilitating group conversations on specific topics (newsroom collaborations? experiments in revenue streams?) so people facing similar issues can talk informally, network and learn from each other.

Our speakers attend Storyology free.

Can you help?

The Walkley Foundation is Australia’s peak body for journalists and hosts this event jointly with the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) – Australia’s largest and most established union and industry advocate for Australia’s creative professionals: built on integrity and powered by creativity.

The Walkley Foundation is a non-profit organisation and speaker contributions are volunteered.

For international and out-of-town speakers: We have a very (very!) limited travel budget to help with local costs in Sydney. We will also work in partnership with you and your organisation facilitate a side itinerary if desired and make introductions to the best of our local industry. We have access to the best and brightest minds in the Australian media as well as a huge network of key contacts in academia, government and corporate Australia.