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Storyology features the biggest ever pool of international media talent in Australia, all focused on the same exciting goal: to create the future for media and storytelling.  We will soon start releasing the amazing international speakers and local industry heavyweights we have amassed for our 2014 line-up – we’re bursting to tell you more and it’s hard keeping our mouths shut while the program is finalised.

For now, it’s time to block out the dates – December 1 to 4 – in your diary and start pestering your boss for a ticket and time off to attend.

Registrations are NOW OPEN.

Trust us, it will be worth your time and investment.  There will be amazing professional development and networking opportunities and important discussions about the future of our craft. Watch this space for more!

You can’t afford to miss Storyology in 2014!  We have a stellar line-up of local as well as international talent to help map your storytelling journey. Before our full program announcement, here are a few superstar speakers to whet your Storyology appetite:

MADHU TREHAN, India: Madhu has always been a journopreneur since she started news magazine India Today in 1975.  Just over a decade later, she produced and anchored India’s first video news magazine Newstrack, which earned her a reputation as a pioneering investigative journalist.  She has been arrested for her coverage of scoops, such as the first footage of Kashmiri terrorists in  1992 and continued to innovate throughout the years.  In 2000, Madhu started a website and print magazine Wah! India, where she published a report card rating judges on honesty among other things.  She has published a bestselling book, Tehelka as Metaphor: Prism Me a Lie, Tell Me a Truth in 2009.  In 2012, Madhu launched NewsLaundry with three partners in an effort to disrupt the corrupt media environment in India.  She is a guru on innovation, investigation and India and will discuss how to establish your own news start-up and the dangers and opportunities of being a woman online.

MARIA RESSA, Philippines: Combining social media with uncompromised journalism and audience engagement, Maria set up Rappler to digitally fuel spectacular, collaborative news and to ignite a thirst for change in her readers. Readers can share how they feel about each story through Rappler’s patented moodmeter. Expect to learn the best ways to engage with your audience online.

FEMI OKE, USA: Femi has worked for BBC and CNN and is now the host of The Stream, a daily TV show on Al Jazeera English harnessing the global network of social media to gather news from all corners of the world.  She will show you how you can travel the globe through your storytelling, how to use social media and digital tools to unearth stories and find your audience – all without leaving home.

BEN SMITH, USA: First at Politico and now as editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, Ben Smith has been working at the forefront of journalism’s shifting models and has been building one of the most-talked-about newsrooms in the world. What makes him hopeful traditional values of journalism will endure within the new and emerging models, BuzzFeed and beyond?  You’ll have to attend to find out.

EMILY RAMSHAW, USA: As editor of award-winning innovative news website, The Texas Tribune, Emily is an evangelist for finding the next incarnation of journalism. Expect to hear about The Tribune’s approach to finding a sustainable financial model for journalism, its efforts to tell stories that connect with audiences across platforms and mediums, and the tricks and tools they employ to make politics and policy sexy for Texas news consumers.        

AMIR MUHAMMAD, Malaysia: He was a journalist with a passion for filmmaking that decided to start up his own publishing company, Buku Fixi. Why?  Because he felt all the books in Malaysia were about love and heartache, and it made him nauseous. Content is the key to success according to Amir and he will enlighten us on what content sells, and how journalists can take that unpublished manuscript from their bedside table to bestselling standards.

KEVIN DAVIS, USA:  As head of the 100-member strong network of non-profit newsrooms producing investigative and public interest journalism, Investigative News Network, Kevin knows where and how to source a variety of revenue streams to keep independent journalism alive. If you want to know how to get your news idea off the ground, you won’t want to miss him.

VIVIAN SCHILLER, USA:  As global chair of news at Twitter, Vivian is right at the intersection of journalism and social media. She has been in senior leadership roles at some of the most respected news organizations in the world including NBC News, NYTimes.com, CNN and NPR where she was the president and CEO.  It’s safe to say she’s got a handle on the trends at play in both big media and social media, and the shifting relationship between media companies, journalists and the audience.

ARMANDO SIAHAAN, Indonesia: Armando started at The Jakarta Globe as feature writer, political reporter and columnist before moving to web, blog and social media editor and then head of digital for the parent BeritaSatu Media Holdings. He also helped establish the Wall Street Journal’s Indonesian portal as the digital editor and recently joined NewsCorp’s new digital sports news platform, BallBall as the Indonesian Head. A digital innovator and only seven years out of university, Armando believes the key to success is a happy marriage between the king (quality of content) and queen (quality of distribution) online.

NIVELL RAYDA, Indonesia: Corrupt governments and institutions, and religious minorities are some of the most difficult topics to write about, but for Nivell it’s just another day at the office.  The Sunday editor at The Jakarta Globe, Nivell has worked through the ranks as both a reporter and news editor before taking on the weekend edition.  He has been exposed to many intriguing people and just finished writing a novel about one of his contacts.  Nivell has much to share about storytelling in Asia, particularly about one of our closest neighbours, Indonesia.

DINA ZAMAN, Malaysia: A successful columnist and journalist, Dina is an expert at injecting humour and humanity into her stories about the ordinary life in Malaysia. A writer of both fiction and non-fiction, she knows when and how to apply creative techniques in non-fiction writing.   Dina has overcome many risks to tell her stories and can’t wait to inform Australians about what it means to be a Malaysian and how do draw out extraordinary stories from everyday people.