Tips and resources for your Walkley Grant application

It’s nearly holidays – and we have a little present for you.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you need to read up on our Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism. Thanks to our partners at Google Australia and Copyright Agency, this year there’s a pool of $70,000 in funding available. We’ll split that pool among the most outstanding submissions – we’re looking for projects that do creative new things with technology, business and storytelling, and improve the Australian journalism landscape.

Applications close at the end of January, so you’ve got some time to think over your idea during the summer break. Here we’ve compiled a few resources to help you get your startup thinking going…

We’re all obsessed with the Startup podcast, where ex-This American Life producer Alex Blumberg documents his journey from idea to million dollar business. May we suggest downloading the whole season (9 episodes, currently) to fill the imminent void in your life when Serial ends?

Foundr founder Nathan Chan was a treat to meet at our innovation focus at Storyology. Check out his site for startup stories and another great podcast.

For all the latest news from the entrepreneurial community, you can’t go past Startup Smart.

Pollenizer are all over the startup community in Sydney, with some great online tutorials and blogs. From Brisbane, you could also try the Tech Street Journal.

We’re looking forward to Pause fest in Melbourne early next year, and their blog is a rich source of inspiration and motivation in the mean time.

Our friends at General Assembly have some great short courses with industry experts. Or try teaching yourself a new tech skill, with online tutorials from the wonderful Lisa Williams on data visualisation, or Cindy Royal on coding for journalists.

Grant winner from last year, Skye Doherty, has shared some steps from her journey with the NewsCube here and here.

Happy holidays, happy innovating and see you in 2015!