Katharine Viner, Lee Glendinning, Madhvi Pankhania & Jonathan Richards

Multimedia Storytelling

Guardian Australia 

In “Firestorm”, the Guardian Australia team put together an ambitious multimedia project combining text, photographs, video, audio and graphics. It uses the bushfires in Tasmania’s Dunalley in January 2013 as a springboard to explore extreme weather and modern bushfires in a larger context. For all its broad array of storytelling tools and multimedia elements, “Firestorm” maintains a clear narrative flow, impressive for a project of its size, and pushes the boundaries of how we tell stories in the digital age.

Katharine Viner joined The Guardian in 1997, is the founding editor of Guardian Australia and deputy editor of The Guardian worldwide. Lee Glendinning is the deputy editor of Guardian Australia. She joined The Guardian in 2006 as a reporter. Most recently she was the site editor for the Asia-Pacific time zone.

Madhvi Pankhania is Guardian Australia’s producer. She has been with The Guardian for five years and has previously managed the central production desk.

Jonathan Richards handles a team of journalists, web developers and designers producing news-related interactives, data visualisations and other editorial content for The Guardian.

Katharine, Lee, Madhvi and Jonathan’s Winning Work:


firestorm screen grab

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Katharine Viner and the team from Guardian Australia have brought to life the dramatic story of the bushfire that tore through the Tasmanian town of Dunalley in January 2013. Combining text with vivid imagery and high-quality video, they have woven their narrative into a compelling and immersive multimedia reconstruction. – Judges’ comments